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International Consideration for E-Commerce for Small Company

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The idea of global marketing, while highly desirable, is beyond the scope of this small start-up company because of the lack of resources and the insurmountable risks to deal with problematic international issues like cultural differences, language barriers, system infrastructures, legalities and finances. As a customer-centric company, the key to survival is customer satisfaction. Identifying cultural sensitivity issues to elicit customer satisfaction at the local level is challenging, because human behaviors are uniquely different; however to entertain this issue on an international front, requires hefty research and development budget. It is fallible to assume that people behaviors are all the same everywhere; therefore, the same customer service model can be used.
Language barriers present another international impediment for a small business. According to Becker (2008), “…research have shown that customers are more likely to buy goods and services from Web sites in their native languages, even if they can speak and understand English well” (chapter 1.3, Background section, para. 1). Using language translation software on a Web site is not a viable option as human subtleties, colloquialism and idioms maybe lost in translation to the native reader. Language translators and Web designers who are experts come at a pricey rate.
The system infrastructures to support languages are costly due to different encoding schemes. There is not a universal standard code for information interchange, which means that there is not one standardized language used by all end users.
Another international consideration in e-commerce is the legal issue surrounding jurisdiction and law enforcement.
There are other financial considerations that are not cost effective for a small business, such as taxes, tariffs and duties that are levied on exports. Currency exchange…...

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