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International Journal of Education and Research

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International Journal of Education and Research

Vol. 1 No. 10 October 2013

The effects of Cell phone use on the study habits of University of Zimbabwe First Year Faculty of Arts students.
Leslei Kahari


The objective of this study is to examine the effects of cell phone use on the study habits of University of Zimbabwe 1st year Faculty of Arts students. The research was carried out using questionnaires distributed to 200 students who own cell phones .The questionnaires collected demographic information about the respondents, cell phone type preferences, uses of cell phones during study, predominant usage during study and information about challenges facing students in using mobile phones for study purposes. The results showed significant gender differences in several aspects of cell phone use .The results also revealed that cell phone use has negative and positive effects on the study habits of university students depending on usage patterns .The study concluded that despite the challenges faced by students ,cell phones unlike other educational innovations are firmly rooted in the society in which education and institutions are part of and ignoring the use or applications of this technology would be ill-advised. Key words: Cell phone, study habits, University of Zimbabwe INTRODUCTION This study investigates the effects of cell phone use during study on the study habits of University of Zimbabwe 1st year Faculty of Arts students. Many students starting university do not always possess the prerequisite skills to cope with the challenges of the new and changing learning environment. An environment where they are expected to study without being told specifically what or when to study. Ultimately their success or failure within university courses is determined by their ability to adopt the most appropriate strategy within a particular learning...

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