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International Market

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International Marketing
Marketing 774

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Chuck Hermans
PHONE: 836-8373


NOTE: This Syllabus is not a contract. This document is a guide to assist you in preparing for the course lectures and other requirements. The Professor may and will likely modify assignments, lectures, dates and times at his discretion. Any such changes will be announced in class in advance.

REQUIRED: 1. Cateora and Graham (2013), International Marketing, 16e, McGraw-Hill Irwin, NY. 2. Journal Articles and Cases on Blackboard (Some May Require Password: MKT474) Sign into the course Blackboard site at Please review and make corrections to your contact information. This is especially important if you have an e-mail address that is not on the MSU network. You may miss class information from the instructor if this is not correct. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES: This is a graduate course. As such, you are expected to be prepared to DISCUSS the material in the on-line discussion forums. 1. Read, study, and analyze all assigned chapters & articles prior to class. 2. Always have a few questions prepared in advance of class related to the topic material. 3. Participate in class discussions. 4. Question the lecture material. 5. Turn in assignments on time. 6. Participate in the group research/debate project. 7. Be prepared for class discussion and exams. ATTENDANCE: Attendance in the course is not explicitly incorporated in calculating your grade, however, a significant number of the graded assignments in the course mandate attendance especially the participation grade. Attendance may be assessed periodically as required by university policy. GRADING CRITERIA: Percentage of total possible: 90.0% to 100% = A 80.0% to 89.9% = B 70.0% to 79.9% = C 65.0% to 69.9% = D 64.9% and below = F ASSIGNMENTS: 1. Discussion Boards (4 @ 20 ea.): 80 points 8% 2. Quizzes (18 online) 190 points 19% 3. Research Project 200 Points 20% 4. Participation 100 points 11% 5. Exams (2 exams @ 230 pts. each): 460 points 46% Total: 1000 points 100%

See Class Reading List/Assignment Schedule for due dates and requirements. Instructor reserves the right to add, subtract, move or modify any assignments.

Written Assignment Requirements: 1. LATE ASSIGNMENT PENALTY: 50% off first week, 75% off thereafter, quizzes and discussion boards cannot be made up. 2. ALL ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE TYPED. 3. YOUR WRITING STYLE AND USE OF GRAMMAR ARE CRITICAL. 4. ALL REFERENCES MUST BE CITED (APA style suggested). Rescheduling of final examination by instructor not authorized:
I am not authorized to administer your final exam at any time other than the published final exam time (students with disabilities accommodations provided by the Learning Diagnostic Clinic excepted). The University's Undergraduate Catalog states: "If students must reschedule final examinations because of extenuating circumstances, or if they have more than three finals on the same day, they must obtain written approval of the academic Dean of their major and then of the instructor of the course in advance of the scheduled exam time."

Documented Excused Absence:
In order to make up work in this class, you must have a documented excused absence. This is defined as 1) an emergency, or 2) a university sanctioned event for which you can provide proof of the nature of the emergency or event. Accepted emergencies include: 1) medical emergencies in which the physician has indicated in writing that you are unable to attend class on a particular day, 2) death in the immediate family or the death of a grand parent which you can document, or 3) a documented medical emergency in which you or an immediate family member or grandparent is hospitalized (emergencies are not elective or planned procedures). These may be submitted to the instructor for approval after the fact. University sanctioned events include any university sponsored events in which you are a participant and your participation is required. These must be university sponsored events. You must provide documentation from the sponsor and your absence must be pre-approved by the instructor. Participation and/or in class assignments cannot be made up regardless of the nature of the absence.

Emergency Response Statement:
Students who require assistance during an emergency evacuation must discuss their needs with their professors and the Disability Resource Center. If you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible. For additional information students should contact the Disability Resource Center, 836-4192 (PSU 405), or Donald Clark, Director of Safety and Transportation, at 836-8870. For further information on Missouri State University’s Emergency Response Plan, please refer to the following web site:

Missouri State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution, and maintains a grievance procedure available to any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against. At all times, it is your right to address inquiries or concerns about possible discrimination to the Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance, Park Central Office Building, 117 Park Central Square, Suite 111, (417) 836-4252. Other types of concerns (i.e., concerns of an academic nature) should be discussed directly with your instructor and can also be brought to the attention of your instructor’s Department Head. Please visit the OED website at

Disability Accommodation:
To request academic accommodations for a disability, contact the Director of the Disability Resource Center, Plaster Student Union, Suite 405, (417) 836-4192 or (417) 836-6792 (TTY), Students are required to provide documentation of disability to the Disability Resource Center prior to receiving accommodations. The Disability Resource Center refers some types of accommodation requests to the Learning Diagnostic Clinic, which also provides diagnostic testing for learning and psychological disabilities. For information about testing, contact the Director of the Learning Diagnostic Clinic, (417) 836-4787,

Academic Dishonesty:
Missouri State University is a community of scholars committed to developing educated persons who accept the responsibility to practice personal and academic integrity. You are responsible for knowing and following the university’s student honor code, Student Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures and also available at the Reserves Desk in Meyer Library. Any student participating in any form of academic dishonesty will be subject to sanctions as described in this policy.

Examples of academic dishonesty in recent semesters have included copying and pasting text from the Internet and claiming it as original, looking at others exams, allowing others to copy during exams, writing answers in large letters on exams so others can see, turning in work done by someone else, etc. Please do not force me to fail you as a result of such behavior.

Dropping a Class:
It is your responsibility to understand the University’s procedure for dropping a class. If you stop attending this class but do not follow proper procedure for dropping the class, you will receive a failing grade and will also be financially obligated to pay for the class. For information about dropping a class or withdrawing from the university, contact the Office of the Registrar at 836-5520.
See Academic Calendars ( for deadlines.

Cell Phone Policy:
As a member of the learning community, each student has a responsibility to other students who are members of the community. When cell phones or pagers ring and students respond in class or leave class to respond, it disrupts the class. Therefore, the Office of the Provost prohibits the use by students of cell phones, pagers, PDAs, or similar communication devices during scheduled classes. All such devices must be turned off or put in a silent (vibrate) mode and ordinarily should not be taken out during class. Given the fact that these same communication devices are an integral part of the University’s emergency notification system, an exception to this policy would occur when numerous devices activate simultaneously. When this occurs, students may consult their devices to determine if a university emergency exists. If that is not the case, the devices should be immediately returned to silent mode and put away. Other exceptions to this policy may be granted at the discretion of the instructor.

Electronic devices:
Electronic devices including cell phones, laptops, tablets, electronic dictionaries, etc. are not allowed in this class except during the data analysis project. Please keep all electronic devices put away in your pocket, purse, or backpack during class time. There is no reason to view or use any electronic device during class unless there is a university emergency notification in which numerous devices are activating simultaneously.

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