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International Marketing Management

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Student Name : N.Kushmi.E.R Gunawardane

Student ID No : 0020NLNL1113

Module Lecturer : Dr.Lester Massingham

Module Tutor : Ms. Nilusha Gallage

Date Submitted : 19th June 2014

Total Word Count : 3500

Executive Summary

This report plan is written proposal for “Ministry of Crab” (MOC) restaurant to launch overseas. Situated at Dutch hospital, a prominent tourist location in Colombo city, MOC is currently a popular restaurant in Sri Lankan food industry. Author has analysed all the strategies that are available to go international evaluating their pros and cons. Franchising is introduced as the best option to go international for MOC in this report and facts are justified with relevant examples. Next author has looked at the market attractiveness proposing the two places which MOC should approach first in developed and developing countries. Geographical and historical facts are researched and analysed to find why MOC should approach these countries first.

Next author has focused on country comparative analysis and discussed barriers to entry common to international trade. Non tariff barriers are identified related to two chosen countries that is United Kingdom and Bangladesh. In the final question author has discussed the product life cycle and international product life cycle with examples. Concluding the question author has identified the importance of Product Life Cycle for MOC to go international with franchising.

The report is concluded with a conclusion chapter with relevant recommendations to MOC to enter overseas market using business format franchising.


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