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Marketing Term Paper — Document Transcript * MARKETING PLAN FOR DIVA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED

* Marketing Plan 2 Presented to: Mr. Sonu Dua

We are grateful to our teacher Mr. Sonu Dua for teaching us curriculum of marketing. His versatile knowledge in marketing field and unique teaching style has developed our knowledge and cleared many marketing concepts. We are all the most grateful to him for assigning this project, which has further helped us in evaluating many interrelated dimensions of marketing. Finally we bestow our thanks to all who has directly or indirectly supported us with their assistance and guidance to compose this report and accomplish broader vision to visualize things in marketing concepts. Durgesh Kumar Singh Diva International Ltd * Marketing Plan 3 Diva International Ltd
Preface Introduction • Executive Summary • Mission statemen t • Objectives The Business • Business Background • Product/Service Description • Distribution network Macro environmental Analysis Diva International Ltd * Marketing Plan 5 • Economic Analysis • Social-Cultural Analysis Market Analysis • Market Definition • Market Segmentation • Competitors SWOT analysis • Strengths • Weaknesses • Opportunities • Threats General Marketing Strategy • Target Market Diva International Ltd * Marketing Plan 6 Specific Marketing Strategy • Pricing Strategy • Distribution Strategy • Personal Selling Strategy • Advertising Strategy • Sales Promotion Strategy Financial Analysis PREFACE This Marketing Plan is prepared for the course of “Principles of Marketing” on Diva lipstick ® the product of Diva International Limited India. In this marketing plan we have the introduction, business analysis, target market of the product and bit of financial...

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