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What are the issues faced by practitioners in India? How is the PR industry in that country to resolve or draw attention to them?

India is fast becoming one of the world’s largest democracies, it is known now to be a country with remarkable growth and this is changing the nature of society. This inturn has caused the rise and growing demand for public relations practice.

Some experts claim that public relations in India traces back to about 2000 years when rulers used persuasive communication to disseminate information and instructions to their publics (Reddi in Singh, 2000).

There are many arguments about when it was exactly that public relations started in India. However the origins of public relations in India can be traced to a few key moments for example dated back through the struggles for independence. Mahatma Gandhi made the most of newspapers and used them to shape public opinion, to make a strong case against the British rule at the time.

The history of public relations in India arguably has three components or phases: Propaganda, publicity and public information. However public relations nowadays in India has grown to extreme amounts and accomplished so much. So many people in India are now going into public relations. With a workforce of about 10,000 people working at about 700 public relations firms in the country, the public relations industry registered revenues in the range of Rs 1.2- 1.6 billion in the year 2004 (Gupta, 2007).
In order to really understand where public relations practice stands in India, you need to look at how much India as a country has evolved professionally. Public relations in India’s origins come from within the public sector, from large Indian business houses and where the PRO (public relations officer) from the government department was known as the organizer who arranged travel booking, handled...

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