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Teaching in an International School

Education plays a vital role in society and International schools today are genuinely meeting the needs of all parents willing to enroll the child. The multilingual skills that many International students and teachers possess has made possible means of nurturing and developing these skills to the optimum. The task is not easy although there is much enthusiasm for multicultural awareness and intercultural conferences. We need to have a true understanding of the many facets of international education. However, classroom teachers are confronted with the daily reality of students who are unable to speak and write grade level in English. These children need solutions and strategies to overcome these difficulties.

Teachers in international schools are from different diversities as we are hired due to the efforts made by the school to hire a mix of nationalities and ages. Most are native speakers, but not all. Some schools place a very high priority on years of experience, but others are more flexible.
I worked as an International school teacher for English Language and other mainstream subjects of the Cambridge Curriculum in Srilanka for the past 10 years. The school was originally for daughters of ex-pats ,diplomats , but it became a truly international school with students from 10 different countries. Many of them are actually sent there from their country of origin.

I chose to teach in international schools mainly for the diversity and and challenges confronted in teaching. The development came gradually as I matured in a position which has enhanced and enriched my experience and capabilities. Most International schools are also learning focused and have extensive professional training and development for teachers. The high expectations has made me implement this knowledge in the current school I am employed. Of course,...

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