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International Standardization

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Advantages of adopting ISO standards are as follows:-
ISO standards contribute more to a company's economic sustainability than ever before. An increasing number of manufacturers and business customers will not even do business with a supplier that is not ISO certified. According to, ISO certification is now effectively a requirement of doing business in the European Union, even though it is not a legal mandate.
The process of becoming ISO certified forces you to objectively analyze your current internal processes, and can result in the implementation of more efficient and cost-effective production processes. ISO-certified production processes reduce waste, redundancies and safety hazards while ensuring that your business is environmentally friendly. These facts taken together not only reduce direct operating costs, but can also prevent financially damaging legal actions against your company.
International Business
Reliability and trust in international business relationships is an ever-present concern. With so much distance between companies on opposite sides of the world, it is difficult to truly ascertain whether your suppliers are following safe, humane and responsible business practices. ISO certification is a way to ensure your international business partners that your company adheres to international standards, and by the same token can reassure you that your foreign suppliers are credible and reliable as well.
ISO certification can enhance your company's image and reputation in your industry and can provide many powerful marketing opportunities. Adherence to ISO standards will give you the right to market your business as environmentally friendly, which is an increasingly popular allure to consumers and business customers alike. According to, many consumers are willing to pay...

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