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The past 50 years have seen a considerable increase on the global tourism. Despite the undeniable economic prosperity it has brought to many host countries, in this essay, I’d like to argue the overall impact of the trend has been in fact negative. Two of the primary drawbacks associated with this trend are as follows.

First of all, International tourists tend to export negative aspects of western culture. Since it is only the wealthy could be able to afford to travel around the world, many developing countries, like Thailand and Indonesia have become the playground of the tourists who are mainly from more affluent ones. In many such nations, the influx of mainly western tourists has brought the problems, such as prostitution as well as alcoholism and drug abuse. Admittedly international tourism does have the potential to foster greater understanding and tolerance between people who are from different countries with different cultural background. however, this is unlikely to occur while it remains such a potent symptom of western cultural domination and moral decadence

The even more disturbing, though, is the environmental degradation that international tourism has cause in many parts of the world. A particular good example of this is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia - the countless boats, divers and snorkelers that have visited the reef over the past few decades have gradually destroyed vast section of coral. Similarly, world renowned Kuta Beach in Bali has become heavily polluted in recent years. In order to be sustainable, greater regulation of global tourism is required.

In conclusion, the challenges presented by the booming international tourist industry are numerous and complex. Although they are by no means insurmountable, it’s highly unlikey that they will be resolved in the foreseeable...

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