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Internet Assignment Marketing

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Internet Assignment 1 Marketing Strategy Analysis
Wendy Willard
Genesee Community College

A high-profile service called Games2U claims to be “America’s #1 Provider of Mobile Entertainment!” G2U (2013,) Games2U brings entertainment to the customers’ place of choice. They have ten separate experiences and price by piece of equipment you schedule to rent, and how long you would like your event. The mobile gaming industry is relativity new and upcoming field. Games2U has an extensive marketing strategy. Games2U was premiered on them on Shark Tank and I found the experiences they were showing something I would love to promote or start a franchise in. They really have used the marketing concept. It is obvious that the social and economic justification for Games2U’s existence is satisfying the customer’s wants. The pieces Games2u rent are fun and each has it’s own characteristics. Their product is an experience guided by the theme/piece the customer would like to rent. My favorite piece is the life size robot you get into and control. It is 7 feet tall and you use joystick controls to move it around. It changes your voice with a voice synthesizer so you can talk with a robot voice. It also gives you the control of a fog machine that pours out fog all around the Ubot. Some of the Ubots have tennis ball launchers as arms. The one on Shark Tank had the launchers and it was even fun to watch. The Ubots have to be one of Games2U’s stars because it is a fast-growing market leader. This is definitely something most males would love to experience making customer satisfaction high on the organization’s goals. Another piece you can make part of your experience is human hamster balls. People get into large double inflated balls, run around in, and get bounced around. This has to be a star also, Rachael Ray even got into one. Games2U has video...

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