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The article I chose to review was How Problems, Opportunities & Directives Can Drive the Project Selection Process by Lisa McQuerrey, Demand Media. This article talks about the fact that project selection is very common and it takes place in every type of business or organization. Project managers have to decide which propositioned projects to take on and develop and which ones to set aside or disregard based on many factors. The article also breaks down potential problems, opportunities and directives that may have a significant influence on the overall project selection process. Project selection begins with the needs or problems within an organization. There are many different forms and examples of need and problem depending on the organization and its status (McQuerrey). A company experiencing decline in revenue is facing a problem and will need to implement a plan to reduce their setbacks. On the other hand, some companies who are doing well and not experiencing problems, may be presented with opportunities. When opportunities are presented like problems, a plan must be put in place to take advantage of any and all beneficial opportunities. Directives are strong requests or orders t issued by a decision-maker in a business or organization in most cases (McQuerrey). These individuals should be knowledgeable and will be in a position of authority. When a decision-maker issues an order for a specific project to be selected, the project generally rises to the top of the list to accommodate the boss. Other influences that can drive the project selection process include available funds, staff support, deadlines, cost forecasts and contractual commitments (McQuerrey). This article was straight to the point, yet very informative. I believe that all businesses can relate to an instance where problems, opportunities and directives that have influenced change. Constant change and adjustments are very important in business to keep things interesting, modern and to remain ahead of the competition. My real life example in connection with this article is The Big Dig known as the largest, most complex, and technologically challenging highway project in the history of the United States. This project was taken on to reduced traffic congestion and improve mobility in one of America's oldest and most congested major cities, Boston MA. In addition to the reduction of traffic, it helped improve the environment, and established the groundwork for continued economic growth for Massachusetts and all of New England. The project replaced Boston's six-lane elevated Central Artery (I-93) with an eight-to-ten lane state-of-the-art underground highway, two new bridges over the Charles River, extended I-90 to Boston's Logan International Airport, and Route 1A, created more than 300 acres of open land and reconnected downtown Boston to the waterfront (2015). Not only was this problem addressed with the reconstruction of highway, but opportunities resulted un the change as well. I have prior knowledge on this project, and understand that it took much longer and the costs were much higher than expected when they decided to take eon the project. The Big Dig was a huge project that aided in a huge problem for travelers. All projects aren’t as complex or affecting such large masses of people. Small projects can too be the result of problems and may in some instances be very simple and have impact on one person or a small group of people. References: McQuerrey L., How Problems, Opportunities & Directives Can Drive the Project Selection Process Retrieved September 20, 2015, from

The Central Artery/Tunnel Project - The Big Dig. (n.d.). Retrieved September 20, 2015, from

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