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The browsers that I use are Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. For this class, I mostly use Internet Explorer due to its compatibility with Blackboard vs. Chrome. At one time, I used Mozilla’s Firefox; however recently, I have found issues with the browser getting a little sluggish and decided to completely go to Chrome and save IE for when I absolutely could not use Chrome. Chrome has become a very well rounded browser from when it started. Currently, the version of Internet Explorer that I use is 9.0.8112.16421 and upon a quick check, it is the most current version.
Internet Explorer 9 has anti-phishing and anti-malware functionality. In Internet Explorer 9, the functionality is called SmartScreen filter. To check if it is turned on, you click your settings (or tools) icon, scroll to safety, and click Turn off (or on) SmartScreen Filter. This will launch the tool that allows you to select whether the setting is on or off. I believe this is a great feature of Internet Explorer 9 and my SmartScreen filter is always turned on. In addition, you can double check a suspicious site if you feel that SmartScreen missed it by going to tools, safety, check this website.
In addition to the SmartScreen filter, my Internet Explorer 9 browser is also set to block pop-up windows. There are a couple exceptions that I have added to the pop-up blocker which include the Pima Blackboard site and my corporate VPN site. To get to the settings for Java, I go to my Control Panel. Since I have Windows 7, I sort my Control Panel to an icon view and have an icon just for Java settings. The Java version that I am currently using is 6 update 31. This is the latest version of Java. Currently, I am auto-updating Java and they seem to come out fairly often, though the program is only supposed to check on the 13th day of the month. I usually do not uninstall the old version of Java unless I run into problems. I get to the Adobe Flash controls the exact same as Java by going to Control Panel. There is an icon just for Adobe Flash called Flash Player. The version of Adobe Flash that I am using is, which is the latest version. I also use the “Check for updates automatically” feature to keep this utility up-to-date. Interestingly enough, when picking through some settings within Adobe Flash, I found one called Local Storage Settings. It’s verbiage is as follows: “Local storage may be used by websites to save data about this computer’s use of Flash Player, such as viewing history, game progress, saved work, preferences, or data that identifies this computer.” To me this is a huge security risk and the default setting is “Allow sites to save information on this computer. ” Just image the people that do not realize this setting exists. The other options are “Ask me before allowing new sites to save information on this computer” and “Block all sites from storing information on this computer.” I have promptly blocked sites from storing information on my computer upon reading this as I feel it is the same setting as a cookie with a different data set. With so many sites utilizing Adobe flash player; I think that an attacker could use this data against me just like any other Temporary Internet File. I am glad that I found this setting in the course of the project.

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