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Internet Forensics

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IP Addresses IP Addresses
• IP Address – numerical label of a device IP Address numerical label of a device participating in a network • IPv4 32 bit x x x x IPv4 – 32 bit – x.x.x.x • IPv6 – 128 bit hex – x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x • Static vs. Dynamic • Address lease expiration, “sticky dynamic IPs” p , y y

Internet Registries Internet Registries
• ARIN – North America, part of the Caribbean, Sub‐Saharan Africa • RIPE – Europe, Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia • APNIC – Asia‐Pacific Asia Pacific • LACNIC – Latin America, Caribbean • Private IP Ranges:
IPv4 : IP 4 192 168 0 0 FEC ‐ FEF FE8 ‐ FEB

IPv6 : IP 6 Site‐local: Link‐local:

• DNS (Domain Name System) – hierarchical S( o a a e Syste ) e a c ca naming system for any resource connected to a network or Internet. • Maintains the domain namespace and provides translation services between the IP and DN namespaces • DNS Server maintains:
– (A) Add (A) Address records d – (NS) Name server records – (MX) Mail exchanger records (MX) Mail exchanger records

DNS on the Internet DNS on the Internet
• ICANN – Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers
• • • • IP address allocation Protocol identifier assignment Country code / top‐level domain management Root server management

• Top‐Level Domain – highest hierarchical level in DNS
– – – – Category ‐ .com, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .pro Country ‐ .ua, .ru, .cn, .us, .ca Sponsored ‐ .aero, .jobs, .travel, .mobi, .edu, .gov, .mil Infrastructure – .arpa, .localhost, .test, .example, .invalid

• Domain Name Registry – database of all domains registered to a top‐level domain t l ld i • Domain Name Registrar – agency accredited by ICANN to manage domain name reservations (GoDaddy, TwoCows, Network Solutions, etc.) etc )

DNS Concerns DNS Concerns
• • DNS Cache Poisoning ‐ is a maliciously created or...

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