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Internet Piracy

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Course Project: Internet Piracy

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Abstract Internet Piracy is defined as: Downloading copyrighted material without financial compensation to the copyright holder. The purpose of this paper is to review digital piracy and to present the positive impacts and its benefit it has on businesses,publishers, and producers. Many people think that software piracy is hurting the economy, but this essay will give you reason to believe that this can open up new doors and allow everyone to enjoy content and information that would not have been so easily accessible in the past. Just because some may not make as much profit from this form of obtaining content, others will gain off of it.

Piracy is one of the most frequently committed crimes in the world and many people do not even realize it. Although, if you were to look at it in a different perspective, it may not seem like a crime at all. Today 70 percent of online users don’t see illegal downloading as a form of “theft”(Wayne Scholes,2014). Most successful artists or producers make tens of millions of dollars every year. How much is piracy really hurting people? If it were truly hurting anyone then these people would not live in houses larger than the white house. Organizations like the MPAA or The Motion Picture Association of America is an association that represents six major Hollywood studios. These organizations often say that they are losing millions or maybe even billions of dollars to piracy. If Internet piracy did not exist then people would have no choice but to buy products legally, right? This is not always the case. Just because certain people pirate content like films off of torrent websites, does not mean that they would have purchased it if piracy was not a viable option. Sometimes, the...

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