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Internet Pirates Music, Movies and More

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Betty Waltermire
Critical Issues in Criminal Justice JUS-250
April 28, 2014

Internet Pirates Music, Movies and More
Most people like listening to good music by the artists they enjoy listening to. Music is expensive when you are on a tight budget and the belt is as tight as it can go. You must choose between getting the newest CD and gasoline for your vehicle. Of course you would choose the gasoline to get back and forth to work or wherever you may have to drive. However you might be able to download the music from your computer.
Downloading itself is not illegal but, if a person puts the song on the internet; copies, sells or distributes it for profit that is a crime. No matter what excuses are used it is all a cop out. It does not change the fact that copyrighted material or songs downloaded for profit is theft if it has not been paid for (Amazon).
Chances are you may know someone who downloads music or movies from online and this in itself is not illegal. It is when friends start asking if they could get this or that downloaded and they will pay you for this music or movies. The Internet is running rampant with peer to peer (p2p) networks such as LimeWire, Bit Torrent and many others.

These sites are where people copy music then put it on these sites for others to copy or use. The act of downloading something illegally falls under the Copyright Act of 1976, a Federal Statute that governs copyright laws in the United States (Wang, 2013). Copyrights include literary works, music, motion pictures and copyright infringement occurs when a work is reproduced, republished or used without permission. Under federal copyright law the damages you could pay can range from $ 750.00 to $ 30,000 per work (Wang, 2013).
Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), has a thriving legal team to go after persons and businesses who pirate music, some of these sites include Audiogalaxy, Aimster, Kazaa, Grokster, Bear Share, and countless others are peer to peer downloads. Music theft is real and an ongoing problem. The volume of music acquired illegally is no small amount (The Law, 2014).
Then there are the computer genius who can get the codes for any movies to be able to download them, then they can make copies for their friends and co-workers so they do not have to spend a lot of money to take the family to see a movie or buy the CD that has just came out or maybe not out yet. If you have a computer genius around yes, they can do things like that. Just think if they sell say twenty movies a week at five dollars each, that’s one hundred dollars in their pocket. The person buying the five dollars or even ten dollar movie when it just came out in theatres is saving them money. It would cost ten dollars a person to see the movie.
You may ask yourself, who am I hurting if I download a movie to watch later or some music that just came out? Truth be told, it is a lot of people that get hurt by piracy of movies and

music. Piracy affects the behind the scenes people such as songwriters; recording artist, backup artist, musicians, engineers, technicians, talent scouts, producers, publishers, and marketing specialist. One report said the harm to the economy was 12.5 billion dollars and 2.5 billion in lost wages (The Law, 2014).
According to RIAA Federal Law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, rental or digital transmission of copyrighted sound recordings (Title 17, United States Code, and Sections 501 & 506). A civil lawsuit could cost you thousands of dollars. A criminal charge could cost you a felony conviction, five years in prison and fines up to $ 250,000 dollars and that is for a single offense (The Law, 2014).
Realizing the economy is still in a slump, it is surprising that more people do not get caught downloading music and movies and selling them. Everyone is hurting and yet they still want to provide the entertainment for their family. It is a small price to pay to get a cheap price for someone else to download or burn a copy of a newly released movie for five or ten dollars. While one family is enjoying the movie or listening to the new CD, there are people who are not working because of this.
No one ever thinks about being caught, because I only do this for friends. Who is going to tell on me? There are probably thousands or hundreds of thousands of people who download music and movies and games to sell and have never been caught. They may never be caught and continue doing what they want to make money from. Such as the case of three friends with a computer knack for illegal code and used these skills.

The friends, Stephen Watt, Albert Gonzalez and Patrick Toey had planned and were executing a plan to hack into databases of about two hundred or so companies like Boston Market, Barnes and Noble, Office Max, 7-Eleven, Sports Authority and DSW and all the while stealing 170 million credit card numbers. Together they had succeeded with their vast criminal enterprise. The U.S. Attorney General called it “the single largest and most complex identity-theft case ever charged in this country” (Erdely, 2010).
According to Interpol more and more criminals are turning to the internet because of the speed, convenience and anonymity to commit a broad range of criminal activities that have no boundaries. These crimes can be divided into three major crimes: (1) attacks against computer hardware and software, (2) Financial Crimes, and (3) Crimes against children (Cybercrime) . New cybercrimes are emerging all the time. Criminal organizations working with criminally minded technology professionals to commit cybercrimes often to fund other illegal activities.
There are tens of thousands of attempted cyber-attacks happening everyday including against our infrastructure, water systems, electrical grids, telecommunications, banking and terrorist threats. There are hundreds of thousands federal law enforcement working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every month and all year long to catch these criminals. Most of the time the law enforcement is always a few steps behind the criminals, this being that the criminals must show their hand before law enforcement can act (Edwards, 2014).


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