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Internet Regulation, Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning

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Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning
Internet Regulation
Calvin White
Park University

Outline 1. Intro a. Regulating the Internet: Delicate, difficult, presents challenges 2. Body b. Past i. History of Internet Regulation 1. Early role of regulation a. Mediate connectivity between researchers, government 2. Milestones and events that shaped regulation b. 70s and before - Lab experiments c. 80s - Early commercialization d. 90s - Widespread adoption i. Early malicious activity ii. Educational organizations e. 2000 to present iii. The need to curb crime iv. The need to protect consumers and businesses v. The defense of our nation’s assets 3. Leaders in Internet regulation f. Efforts at home g. Efforts abroad 4. The challenges of regulation ii. Why broad regulation has proven difficult 5. Technology meant for other purposes 6. Grew too quickly c. Present iii. Structure 7. Present-day regulations h. How ongoing Internet regulation works 8. Who controls the Internet? i. Who enforces regulation? 9. How infractions are punished iv. Problem areas 10. Intellectual Property/Copyright Infringement 11. Provision of service issues j. Network Neutrality 12. Predatory crimes 13. Distribution of illicit material v. Challenges 14. What cultural differences challenge global Internet regulation? k. How does method of governance…...

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