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Internet of Things: Perspectives, Challenges and
Antonio Marcos Alberti

Dhananjay Singh

Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações - Inatel
P.O. Box 05 - 37540-000
Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Department of Electronics Engineering
Hankuk (Korea) University of Foreign studies
Global Campus: Yongin, South Korea

Abstract – The Internet of things can be defined as to make
the “things” belong to the Internet. However, many wonder
if the current Internet can support such a challenge. For this
and other reasons, hundreds of worldwide initiatives to
redesign the Internet are underway. This article discusses the
perspectives, challenges and opportunities behind a future
Internet that fully supports the “things”, as well as how the
“things” can help in the design of a more synergistic future
Keywords–Internet of things, smart things, future Internet,
software-defined networking, service-centrism, informationcentrism, ID/Loc splitting, security, privacy, trust.

The Internet of things (IoT) refers to uniquely addressable
objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like
structure [18][19][20]. We can say that it is an extension of
Internet with uniquely addressable objects becoming a part of
existing Internet. The objects forming the IoT will have
distinct characteristics about them. They may hold selfidentifying information; they may even transmit the processed
information or anything that may be considered important with
respect to the object with which they are associated.
There is a lot of pervasive presence in the human
environment of things or objects, such as radio-frequency
identification (RFID) tags, sensors, actuators, mobile phones,
smart embedded devices, etc. – which, through unique
addressing schemes, are able to…...

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