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Internship Proposal for Hospitality Industry


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12 months internship training program for Hospitality Industry


Proposed Research Topic: This proposal seeks to investigate the effectiveness of the 12 months internship training program of ABC Hospitality Group.

Organizational Outcomes: Intern’s higher satisfaction as well as supervisor’s satisfaction according to trainees’ performance and high retention rate of interns.

In this project, I will explore intern’s satisfaction with company’s internship training system as well as supervisor/manager’s satisfaction of intern’s performance. In particular, I will focus on how the training system influence the retention rate as well as the effectiveness of the program it self.
Desired outcome from company’s perspective view would be higher satisfaction rate from both trainee and their supervisors and in the end, retaining successful trainees.

Literature review
[Train interns their first day on the job—and every day thereafter—to make them better employees.].
[Katie Willoughby spent the first four weeks of her internship last summer in Kansas City, Mo.-based Hallmark Cards Inc.’s marketing department accompanying her boss from one meeting to the next and gathering background information for her data analysis project. She loved every minute of it.
Janell Rodriguez, a 2005 engineering intern at National Instruments in Austin, Texas, was able to field complex customer questions on the workings of her company’s data acquisition technology after spending two weeks learning the ins and outs of the intricate hardware. She spent another three days getting the hang of her company’s phone system and learning how to best answer callers’ questions by asking her own pointed questions.
In Salem, Mass., Daiana Rosario spent her first day as a Peabody Essex Museum 2003 summer intern at an orientation conducted by her future colleagues in the human

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