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Internship Report
Bahawalpur Branch

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Jawwad Hassan Jaskani
Roll No 12
MBA (M1) 3.5 Years
Session 2011-2015

Department of Management Sciences i
Topic Branch Operations

I have great sense of gratitude for the most Beneficent andMerciful Allah who has always helped me in all matters of life .Itried but He rewarded me more than the tried.I have deep feelings for whole of my family, in general, and formy Father, my Mother and my elder brother, in particular .Theyhave always soothed me, elevated me and their words and du’ahas floated me in the deep seas of troubles. All of my successesare due to the prayers of my family.I am thankful to all of my teachers and my class fellows andfriends whom cheerfulness and guidance is an asset for me .I amespecially thankful to the bank staff who has given meopportunity to get precious practical knowledge and also for theirguidance during my internship. Without the help of all these I wasnot able to complete this report
First of all I’m grateful to Allah the Almighty, Who bestowed me with health, abilities and guidance to complete the project in a successful manner, and without His help I was unable to write this report. More than anybody else, I would like to acknowledge my teachers without their support and untiring efforts it was difficult for me to complete this report. They were always there to guide me whenever I felt stuck off and their encouragement always worked as morale booster for me. I have found them very helpful while discussing the tricky issues in this dissertation work. I would also like to thank Mr. Faraz khan (Operations Manager of MCB) for providing me the opportunity to have an excellent learning experience during my internship. His critical comments on my work have certainly made me think of new ideas and techniques. Bundle of thanks to other respected staff members of MCB.


It is the requirement of the MBA course Department of Management sciences, The Islamia University Bahawalpur. That all students of MBA have to spend six or eight weeks in any organization to get practical exposure and to get familiarized with the ways to live in the organizational environment which is dramatically different from the educational environment. That two months period called Internship Period, if spent properly and sincerely, enables the students to be more confident, more knowledgeable, more responsible and, above all, more committed to its work in the practical field. I have also been assigned to do internship of six weeks period in MCB Farid Gate Branch (0738). It has enabled me to understand the practical scenario and sharpen our decision making power and utilizing the resources in an effective manner, so that our resources generate maximum profit. In preparing this report, I have put all of my best efforts and tried my level best to give maximum knowledge. Despite of my all the coherent efforts, I do believe that there will always be a room for improvement in the efforts of learner like me.

Syeda Nudrat Sameen Roll#134 MBA G1 (2010-2013)


MCB is one of the leading banks of Pakistan incorporated in 1947 MCB Bank has made significant contributions in building and strengthening both corporate and retail banking sector in Pakistan. This report is an upshot of my eight weeks internship in Muslim Commercial Bank of Pakistan. MCB of Pakistan possesses an imperative and historical importance in the banking sector of Pakistan. It always remains the center of hustles in business activities. It always endows with great covenant of rally round in terms of funds and services at all epochs of its dynamism.
The main purpose of internship is to learn, by working in practical environment and to apply the knowledge acquired, during the studies, in a real world scenario in order to tackle the problems. In this report the detailed analysis of the organization has been done and all the financial, technical, managerial and strategic aspects have been evaluated to analyze the current position of the organization. Along with it, the background analysis, the prevailing competition analysis, the business process analysis, and the internal environment and external environment of the organization have been discussed and the recommendations & suggestions for the improvement have been made wherever required. During my eight weeks internship program, I mainly worked with the following departments: GENERAL BANKING, CREDIT. These departments have been discussed in detail and all the policies and procedures have been described thoroughly.
This report will provide a complete and clear image about Muslim Commercial Bank.

Customer Identification & Introduction – Opening of Accounts
Current Accounts
Savings Bank Accounts
Maintenance of Accounts & Operational Procedures
Cash and it’s custody
Term Deposits - General
Fixed Deposits
Reinvestment Deposit Gruhalakshmi scheme
Recurring Deposits
Local Cheques / Demand Drafts & Outstation Cheques – Purchase / Instant Credit
Demand Drafts & Pay Orders
Safe Deposit Lockers
Settlement of Claims of Deceased
Appendix - A Customer Relationship Policy 153
Appendix - B Customer Service Norms

Zarai taraqiati ank Limited (ZTBL) (formerly known as Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan) is the largest public sector financial development institution with a wide network of 27 Zonal Offices, 9 Audit Zones and 352 Branches in Pakistan. The bank serves about half a million clients annually and has over one million accumulated account holders.
Pakistan is an agricultural country and more than 60% of its population is working related to agriculture. A development in the agricultural sector will no doubt result in the development of the country. To keep with a view to meet this basic need The Agricultural Finance Corporation was set up in 1951, and was entrusted with the task of providing facilities for the development and modernization of agriculture; including Forestry, Fisher, Animal husbandry, Poultry and FDiry Farming.
Later on Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan was also established in September 1957, under the Agricultural Development Bank Act. The bank is to provide credit in cash or in kind, warehousing and storage facilities to agriculturists, cooperative societies and other bodies, of which the majority of members are agriculturists.
As the functions of the Agricultural Development Finance Corporation and Agricultural Development Bank were similar and since both were working with capital provided by the government, they were merged into one organization known as Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan on February 18, 1961. ADBP was a banking company for the purpose of banking Companies Ordinance and the State Bank of Pakistan Act.
On 14th December, 2002 the Federal government has converted ADBPP to Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd (ZTBL) and the new venture has started its operations with immediate effect. The new corporate structure redefines the bank statue as a public limited company with independent Board of Directors under the presidential ordinance, which aims at ensuring good governance, autonomy, delivering high quality, viable and timely financial services to a greater number of clientele in the agricultural and rural segment of the country with adequate returns to the stake holder.
After this incorporation all the assets and liabilities of ADBP became the assets and liabilities of ZTBL. The restructure was carried with the to improve the working and role of bank in agricultural development. The bank is completely owned by government and its office is in Islamabad and other details are as follows:
Head Office: 1 Faisal Avenue
P.O. Box No. 1400.
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone No. +92-51-9252805,
Information & Complaints. 042-111-11-ZTBL (9825)
Email Address:

Corporate vision
Dedicated to serve the needs of the farming community, by delivering financial products and technical services on a competitive and sustainable basis, in a convenient , efficient and professional manner, leading to success of the Bank and the farmer
Corporate mission
To play effective role in the promotion of economic growth, by enhancing the availability of credit to the agriculture sector, through reliable access to sustainable financing, special lending programs, technical assistance, and other products & services, and to promote career development opportunities for increasing professionalism and technical proficiencies of employees Corporate Objectives | » Develop and operate as a financially and operationally sustainable R.F.I of the country.» Assist rural community, particularly the small farmers, in raising their productivity and income levels through timely delivery of credit, advisory and ancillary services.» Build ZTBL's image as a proactive, client friendly, financially & operationally sustainable with indigenous product deployment.» Establish and provide backward and forward linkages to strengthen agri. value added commodity chains.» Engage in public - private and wholesale - retail partnership to deepen outreach and reduce operating cost.» To function as a rural commercial bank to mobilize rural capital formation and to commercialize the agri. sector by delivering the true value of credit to the client. Provide a wide range of risk insurance products to its clients.» Open up it venues of operation to Domestic & International Banking Industry to avail comparative advantages. | Transformation of ZTBL to R.F.I of the country and road to excellence. | Healthy and well-functioning rural finance markets are directly related to achieving the two key national policy objectives of accelerating rural/agriculture growth and reducing poverty. The realization of these objectives depends on the simultaneity of developments in rural finance and non-financial markets to foster the creation of diverse sources of rural finance to build sustainable financial institutions, and stimulate products and capital flows in the rural sector. For this, rural finance must be seen as an integral part of equitable development within a framework of macro economic stability. The ongoing corporatize restructuring lays the basis for fundamental reforms for rural finance market development.The recurring financial drain, pursuing the old rural finance paradigm and the narrowing fiscal space have also promoted a shift in Government strategy that now seeks viable intermediaries for enhancing outreach.For the majority, access to affordable rural finance services is also important to enable them to compete in the post-World Trade Organization scenario. Inability to compete because of high financial costs could reduce income of the majority of farmers and rural clients, particularly the small and subsistence clients. Lack of access to affordable rural finance services will also prevent the clients from switching to non-farm activities.The ZTBL restructuring plan covering the following; (i) governance: establish an environment that facilitates good governance and accountability; (ii) systems: modernize operations through use of technology, networking, and communication tools; (iii) business processes: streamline products and delivery systems so as to reduce transaction costs, simplify operations, and increase outreach; (iv) products and services: introduce products and services that are financially economically viable; (v) human resource development: improve standards and skills of management and staff and strengthen training capacity; and (vi) IT: establish new hardware and software platform to support MIS, accounting system including forensic accounting, and risk management functions.The reforms shall establish ZTBL as a key R.F.I of the country, aiming to outreach annual rural clientele to 600,000 by the end of year 2008. By expanding its private sector role, the bank aims to establish network of high tech rural and agri. financial services through intermediations under public private participation and whole-sale -retail lending mechanism. |

Business deposit
Basic banking account
Zarai bachat account
Zarai term deposit certificate
PLS term deposit account

Re-Financing Scheme for Revival of Agricultural Activities in Flood Affected Areas
In line with the policy of Federal Government SBP has launched a "Re-Financing Scheme for Revival of Agricultural Activities in Flood Affected Areas" in selected districts notified by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). ZTBL has been allocated initially a limit of Rs.3, 000 million. The validity of the scheme is up to November 30, 2012.

Scope/ Eligibility Criteria: The salient features of the Scheme are as under:-

* Agricultural credit shall be provided to the farmers for agri. production/working capital finance in the selected districts affected by flood as notified by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). * Agricultural credit, under this scheme, shall mean "Farm Credit" and "Non-Farm Credit" for meeting the production/working capital requirements, as defined under Prudential Regulations for Agriculture Financing. * All categories of farmers (owners, owner-cum-tenants and tenants) of the specified areas will be eligible for agricultural loans under the Scheme. * Branches shall provide agri. loans to farmers as per lending policy of the Bank & SBP Prudential Regulations. * Production loans would be provided under One Window Operations/Zarkhaiz Scheme as well as through General Credit in branches for Rabi Crops (March, 2012), Kharif Crops (April to September, 2012) and Rabi Crops from 1st October, 2012 to 30th November. 2012. However, outstanding finance, under this scheme, shall be recovered on the maturity of the respective loans but within maximum period of one year. Further, production loans for sugarcane are not to be advanced under this scheme as maturity period of this crop is more than one year. * One time loan would be processed under the scheme as per standing instructions without involving renewal/roll over being allowed in Sada Bahar/ Awami Zarai Schemes.

Cost of Credit:

Cost of Credit:

Price of Loan Case File Rs.200/- each Loan Appraisal Fee a. Loan up to Rs.50,000/- [1% of loan applied] b. Loan above Rs.50,000/- [2% of loan applied]
Collateral: All acceptable forms of security/surety as per policy of the Bank.

Collateral: All acceptable forms of security/surety as per policy of the Bank.

Postal Charges Rs.250/- (lump sum) FED and other applicable Taxes as per standing instructions.

Rate of Markup: Mark up rate to be charged from the borrower is 8 % per annum and in case of default rate of mark up of SBS/Awami Zarai Scheme prevailing at that time (presently 12.50% per annum) would be charged from the date of default till repayment/closure of loan case.
Maximum Limit: There will be a maximum limit of Rs. 0.500 million per borrower/party under this Scheme.
Maximum Limit: There will be a maximum limit of Rs. 0.500 million per borrower/party under this Scheme.
Repayment: Farm Credit
Repayment: Farm Credit
Loan Disbursement: The sanctioned loan is disbursed in cash through current deposit account of the borrower
Loan Disbursement: The sanctioned loan is disbursed in cash through current deposit account of the borrower

* The Loans to be advanced for Rabi Crops (to be disbursed in March, 2012) would be recoverable on 7th July, 2012 and for Kharif Crops (from 1st April to 30th September, 2012) on 7th January, 2013. * Input loans for orchard to be advanced during Rabi Season or Kharif season would be recovered in one installment within one year on 7th Jan. or 7th July as the case may be.

i) | Working Capital for Livestock | In one installment on 7th July or 7th January within one year | ii) | Working Capital for Dairy | -do- | iii) | Working Capital for Poultry
Broiler Farming | -do- | iv) | Working Capital for Poultry
Layer Farming | -do- | v) | Working Capital
Fisheries (Inland/Marine) | -do- |

* * Re-financing scheme for flood affected areas * Kissan Dost Scheme (KDS) * Special Product-Milk Chilling unit * Special Schemes for Gilgit-Baltistan * Canola re-financing scheme * ZTBL model village establishment * Financing package for Karachi * Crop maximization project-II * Green revolution Scheme * One window operation /Zarkhaiz Scheme * White revolution Scheme. ZTBL & PDDC * White revolution Scheme ZTBL & Nestle * Sada Bahar Scheme (SBS) * Awami Zarai scheme AZS (farm credit) * Awami Zarai scheme AZS (non Farm Credit) * Rural Development scheme * Red Meat financing Package for Sheep/ goat Rearers

Types of loans
Banks provides loans through various products/schemes for short, medium and long term depending on the cash flow of the borrowers. The bank gives special focus and importance to fulfill the genuine and real needs of the small farmers in terms of production loans (seed, fertilizers, pesticides, POL, labor charges etc) as wells for working capital purpose. These loans are provided to the needy farmers in cash and kind under various schemes like Sada Bahar, Awami Zarai, General Credit and One Window Operations Zarkhaiz Schemes. The bank also provides Development loans to farming community like tractors, allied Agri-equipments/implements, besides loans for poultry and livestock, fisheries, orchards, plantation, and irrigation schemes etc.

Maximum Credit limit

Maximum limit of loan is Rs.1.00 million per borrower/party.

Lending Criteria

The bank advances preferably to small farmers and following criteria is observed in overall distribution. Subsistence farmers 70%Economic farmers 20%Big farmers 10%Production loans 77.5%Development loans 22.5%The management adopts lending – recovering linkage criteria to ensure smooth operations of the bank and honor its obligations.


The bank provides loans under Agri-Pass Book System as well as other collateral acceptable to the bank. Simplification of loan documents is in order to facilitate the farmers; the Bank has simplified the loan documentation to be applicable for three years of the loan period. The main loan documents which are presently being used in the branches of the bank are as under loan application form IB-7 Revised loan Agreement-cum-Guarantee Charge Creation Certificate/Sanction Mutation entered in bank favor sanction latter for loan.

Major lending scheme

* Sada Bahar Scheme * One Window Operation/Zarkhaiz Scheme * Crop Maximization Project-II * Crop loan Insurance Scheme Benazir Tractor Scheme * Awami Zarai Scheme * Establishment of Model Village

Sada Bahar scheme:

For providing timely input loans for crops and working capital for poultry and fishery etc, the Bank has launched a Sada Bahar Scheme. Assessment for inputs requirements for the whole year is made at the time of first application. The amount so assessed is treated as Revolving Limit provided it is within the security limit. The Managers are authorized to sanction such loan limits up toRs.O.500 million. Scheme's main features are as under:

* Revolving Credit Limit is fixed to cater production credit and ancillary requirements of the farmers during one year period.

* The documentation once completed remains applicable for three years with yearly cleanup/renewal without any further documents.

* The borrowers can draw the credit in lump sum or in installments according to his requirement.

* Like-wise he can repay in lump sum or in installments during the year when his cash position allows him.

* Pass Book containing transactions in his SBS Account is supplied to every borrower free of cost.

One window operation:

ZTBL has launched a one-window operation to enhance credit facilities particularly to small farmers. This will facilitate to cater for purchase for inputs during peak sowing season of both Rabi and Kharif Crops with the collaboration of Provincial Governments, Revenue Officials and Postal Authorities. Agriculture Pass books are issued at the spot to intending new borrowers. Their land records entered and loans are sanctioned at focal points whereas payments are released on the very next day from the concerned branch. During July-March, 2006-07, an amount of Rs 9.069 billion has been disbursed under this scheme.

Crop Maximization Project-II
An agreement was executed between ministry of food & agriculture (CMP-II MINFA) and ZTBL on 06-06-2009 for implementation of crop maximization project-II IN Which both have agreed to participate in establishment and operationalization of revolving fund.
To implement the decision a new saving scheme under the name and style of “MINFA reviving fund deposit account” (MDFDA), “MINA special saving deposit account (MSSDA) and member farmers saving account (MSFA) have been exclusively designed for Government’s crop maximization project-II (CMP-II M!!”JFA).
Name of project: Special programmed for food security and productivity enhancement of small farmers (crop maximization project-II)
Operational jurisdiction: All over Pakistan in 28 districts & 842 villages.
Government of Pakistan.
Profit paid on MINFA special saving account: ZTBL will pay profit at minimum rate of 7.5% per annum to be calculated on daily product basis on such balance lying in vos, MRGDA or MSSDA and said profit will be paid on 6 month basis in such respective account

Membership: Vos will raise membership by motivating small farmer having holding up to 20 acres in Punjab, 25 acres in Sind and Baluchistan, 15 acres in NWFP and FATA and 25 acres in AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan.
Member faming saving: All members will open saving account in same branch of the bank where Vos account is maintained.
Disbursement (lend money to its members): VO will lend money to its member for purchase of input for production of crop at 10% handling charges per annum on daily product basis. In case for late repayment by the beneficiary 12% per annum handling charges will be recovered.
Approval of loan proposal: Loan proposal of VO level will be prepared by Vos accountant with the assistant and presented them same before committee comprising of president. Secretary of VO and credit officer of the project for approval. On approval check loan ceiling will be issued along with approval letter for revolving fund special saving account maintained by VO at nearest bank branch

Crop loan Insurance Scheme Benazir Tractor Scheme * In order to bridge the gap between demand and supply position of tractor in the country, the federal Government has decided to launch accelerated agriculture mechanization for productivity enhancement, “Benazir tractor scheme” through ZTBL. * The scheme envisages supply of 10000 tractors during 2009 to 10 to farmers to be selected through computerized balloting for grant of subsidy up to 50% of the of the tractor subject to maximum of Rs. 200,000 per beneficiary/tractor.
Salient feature: Operational jurisdiction: Throughout Pakistan including FATA, FANA, AJ&K&Fedral Capital Aria, Islamabad.
Time line/ Schedule Application under the scheme was received from 22nd July, 2009 to 3rd august, 2009 computerized balloting was held in Islamabad on 12th September, 2009.
But at the latest 2012 tractor scheme 2.5 acres are required and application was submitted only 25 to 35 age people under this age and above age cannot submitted application for tractor purpose.

Awami Zarai Scheme
All new borrowers of crop production loans will have to avail revolving limit under Awami Zarai scheme to get inputs through M/S KSSL under kind system. This scheme is optional for existing borrowers of the bank.
Silent feature: Operational jurisdiction: all over the Pakistan.
Selection of borrower: Bank MCO selects the borrower keeping in view the criteria fixed for Sada Bahar scheme.
Delivery channel: Tangible securities.
Lease land acceptance criteria: Up to 12.5 acres in all province and AJ&K however. For farmers of NWFP loans up to Rs, 100,000 or for leases land up to 12.5 acres.

Establishment of Model Village * In order to implement the Government’s vision to ensure development of agri. Sector in a phased manner, establishment of one model village in each zone of the bank has been launched. This pilot project is being implemented with the collaboration of ministry of food & Agri. /provincial Agri, department. * An exclusive Agri. Officer/mobile credit officer has been posted in each selected model village who will be responsible for provision of following services to the inhabitants of the village: * Provision of credit facilities for 100% requirements of the farming community * Improvement of present/existing production level by introducing latest agri. Technology among the farmer of the area in collaboration with public and private agencies dealing in i.e. seed, fertilizer, pesticides etc. for crops for the usage of the farmers. * Coordinate with federal ministry of food & Agri./ provincial Agri department as well as other institutions involved in agri. Development for the well being of farming community of the area.

Crop loan insurance scheme: * After getting clearance from the ZTBL board insurance arrangement are being made with adamjee insurance company ltd. * As per Government/SBP instructions initially crop loan insurance scheme is being launched. Silent features: Scope: all branches of the bank through the country. Premium: premium will be charged 1.3% (inclusive of all taxes and levies) of loan sanctioned for rabi and Kharif crops separately. Bank will pay the premium for subsistence farmers and will get reimbursement from the Government on half yearly basis. Maximum loan limit: Rs.500, 000 in an individual case. Sum insured: production loan for agreed crops of each season (Rabi & Kharif ) for which premium is paid. Crops covered: Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane, Rice, & Maize

* Dairy machinery : * Self propelled fodder reaper * Milking machine * Milk chilling units * Farm yard manure spreader

* Fruit Grader:
For grading all kinds of fruit this machine is equipped with roller inspection belt, conveyer belt and grading disc for six size + handling of fruit without damage.
Grading disk: Speed variable Power required: 1x ½ HP+ 1 x 1/3 H p Size of fruits: Steeples adjustable Weight: 400 Kg

* Garden waste chipper:
Chips wood up till 8 cm with a knife disc and shreds branches and other garden waste like grass, herbs etc. the machine is tractor mounted and PTO driven.
Diam. Knife disc: 45cm
Number of knifes: 2
Revolution of knife disc: 1800 RPM
Weight: 250 kg
Power Requirement: 25- 30 HP

* M E S C E R O: * Seedless * Acidic / juicy * Export Oriented * An excellent crushing variety

* Modern Agri machinery implement: * Small HP Tractors (14-35 HP) * Combine Harvesters * Seed Processing Unit * Potato Grader * Multi Crop Planter * Potato Planter * Potato Digger * Groundnut Thresher * Self Propelled Reaper for Wheat & Paddy * Reversible Disc plough * Three Rows Ridger * Rice Transplanted * Cotton Picker * Inter Row Rotary Cultivator * Sugarcane Harvester * Off Set Rotavator * Orchard Sprayer * Electro dyne Sprayer * Flail Mower * Stubble Shaver * Maize Sheller

Tractor driven machine used to cut the grass and shrubs in the gardens. This machine is driven by PTO shaft. Crops residuals are also cut down which can enhance soil fertility.
Working Width: 72 Inches (180 cm) Power Required: 1x ½ HP + 1 x 1/3 HP

* Agro Based Industries: * U.H.T. Treated Milk Plants * Yogurt Plants * Rice Mills * Packing Material for food items * Juice Plants with paper packing facility

* Irrigation Machinery: * High Speed Diesel Engines * Sprinkler Irrigation Systems * Drip Irrigation System * Crops Orchard; * Soybean Cultivation * Multicity Hybrid Sorghum * Hybrid Maize * Tea Cultivation * Mint Cultivation and Distillation Unit * Hot Bin Mist Propagation Unit * Polythene Tunnels * E.M. Technology * Exatic Fruit Plants

* Deciduous: * Mother plants * Dwarfing apple rootstock

* Recommended varieties: * Star Krimson (apple) * Red Beauty (plum) * Salustiana (orange) * Mescero (lemon) * MM 106 (apple rootstock)

* Export Oriented Citrus plants: * Sweet oranges * Mandarins * Lemons

* Cut Flower Crops: * Roses * Tube Roses * Gladioli

* Development of High Tech Cheaper Technologies: * Potato Digger * Inter Row Rotary Cultivator * Self Propelled Rotary Hoe * Self Propelled Reaper for wheat & paddy * Groundnut Thresher * Potato Planter * Water Reel Travelling Sprinkler * Three Row Ridger * Border Disc * Fruit Grader * Seed Processing Plant * Offset Rotavator:
Its blades cut and pulverize the soil and incorporate trash effectively. Offset type rotary cultivators are especially suitable for soil cultivation in orchards particularly under trees. As the implement is off-set to one side of the tractor, therefore, tree branches do not cause hindrance to tractor operator.
S PECIFICATIONS: Speed: 540RPM Power required: 45- 50 HP

* Groundnut Thresher:
This machine is used for separating pods from peanut vines. Pods attached to the vines are fed from the top of the thresher. Clean pods can be collected in sacks. This machine is powered by a small HP Engine.
Engine Power: 2HP Working Capacity: 300-370/ KG/Hour Drum Revolutions: 400- 500 RPM

* Potato Digger:
This machine is connected to tractor 3 point linkage and driven by PTO. Two rows of potatoes are dug out. The soil is separated from the potatoes on the conveyor grids and on the longitudinal shaking sieves. The potatoes are dropped in single row and collected by hand.

* Potato Grader:
Potatoes are fed by elevator belt (variable speed to 3 riddles which move the potatoes with adjustable shocks to roller inspection belts. The machine has 4 outlets to provide different sized potatoes. Handling of potatoes is without damage, especially suitable for seed potatoes. SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Length: 525 cm Overall width: 125 cm Riddles: 3 with square holes, 1 with bar Motor: 0.75 KW Capacity: 4000 Kg/hr * Potato Planter: The seeding mechanism is land wheel driven. The elevator chain is mounted with cups lifting the seed potatoes from the hopper to the seed funnel. Furrow openers open the furrows where the seed is dropped. Seed is later covered by means of adjustable disc/Ridger. SPECIFICATIONS: No. of Rows: 2
No. of Hopper: 2
Row to Row Distance: Adjustable
Field Capacity: 2 hours/acre

* Pruning Equipment:
Tractor mounted compressor with big capacity tank provides air to two automatic hose reels with 50 meters house each. A variety of pruning shear, tree shear, hedge trimmer (65 cm) and chain saw (length 24 cm) is available. SPECIFICATIONS: Suction capacity: 850 L/Min Tank capacity: 250 L Max. Pressure: 18 Bars Normal pressure: 8- 12 Bars Cutting capacity shears: 30-35

* S A L U S T I A N A: * Seedless * Sweet and Juicy * Thinly shinned * Excellent crushing variety * Highly productive * Broad acclimatization * Export Oriented

* Self Propelled Rotary Hoe: SPECIFICATIONS: Engine:5HP
Field Capacity: 0.75-1 acre/hr.

* Solar Devices: * Solar Lift Irrigation System/Tube well * Solar Fencing * Solar Geyser * Solar Loud Speaker System * Solar Berg Alarm System * Stubble Shaver:
For vigorous deep rooted ratoon of sugarcane crop stubble shaving is essential. The process destroys unwanted cane stubble so that the rations growth can develop further.

* Tunnels: * Production three folds as compared to open conditions * Early and late production * Considerable water savings * Weed control easy and effective * Helps raising ornamental plants * Water Reel Sprinkler:
This machine is used to irrigate almost all the agricultural crops. Considerable water saving is made since there is no loss of water due to seepage. The pump is operative by tractor PTO.
Pipe Length:180 Meter

* Yanmar Combine Harvester:
This combine harvester is basically designed for harvesting of paddy crop but it is also capable of harvesting wheat, sunflower, maize and canola crops etc. It is fitted with screw rotor type threshing drum due to which it does not cause grain breakage. 04 Units of these combine harvesters are available in stock for sale which will be supplied to intending buyers on “first come first served basis" against cash or credit.
Model: CA-760
Engine: Yanmar 4TN100, Water - cooled, 4 - Cycle, Vertical 4-Cylinder, Diesel Engine
Engine output: 76 PS/2600 rpm (75 HP)
Grain Handling System: Bagging type
Av. Field Capacity: 1.25 - 1.50 acre/hr Paddy
1.50 - 2.00 acre/hr Wheat

* Fertilizer Spreader:
Chemical fertilizers utility increases if kit is evenly spread. Fertilizer spreader evenly spreads if it is evenly spread. Fertilizer spreader evenly spreads both granular and powdered fertilizers. The quantity of fertilizer application can be adjusted according to requirement without any wastage, thus ensuring optimum returns on fertilizer investments. Fertilizer is put in the hopper, two rod like structures continuously agitate the fertilizer.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hopper capacity: 300 kg
Fertilizer spreading width: 10m
Weight: 20 kg
Power Required: 30-35 HP Tractor

Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. apart from its core functional activity marked with country based agri-business, has started to serve its valued customers by offering lockers facility. Initially, this facility is being offered at following 11 branches: S.No | Name of Branch | Phone No. | Address | | 1 | Islamabad Branch | 051-9252022 | Block-7/F, ZTBL Officer Colony G-7/2, Islamabad | | 2 | Main Branch Lahore | 042-7353380 | 47-C, Sharah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore | | 3 | Peshawar Branch | 091-2262279 | Chughalpura, GT Road Reshawar | | 4 | Gujranwala Branch | 055-9200206 | D.C Road, Gujranwala | | 5 | Faisalabad Branch | 041-9210008 | Opposite Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad | | 6 | Multan Branch | 061-9200509 | 61-A Abdali Road, Multan | | 7 | Sahiwal Branch | 040-9200424 | 915-D Block Farid Town Sahiwal | | 8 | Sargodha Branch | 048-9230491 | Katchery Road, Sargodha | | 9 | Khan Pur Branch | 068-5573079 | Model Town- Near Paradise Cinema Khan Pur | | 10 | Shafi Court Branch | 021-9206006 | Shafi Court Building Mereweather Road Karachi South | | 11 | Main Branch Gulshan-e-Johar | 021-4613618 | St 4/3-A Building No.1 KDA Scheme-36 Gulistan- i -Jauhar Karachi |

Following are the approved rates for rent of lockers and key deposits Against which lockers will be allocated: Type | Specification | Rent Per Annum | Rent after grace period | Key Deposit | Small | 6-1/2"x4-1/2"x23" | Rs.1200/- | Rs.1,500/- | Rs. 5,000/- | Medium | 13-1/2"x4-1/2"x23" | Rs.1,800/- | Rs.2,250/- | Rs. 10,000/- | Large | 13-1/2"x8-1/2"x23" | Rs.2,500/- | Rs.3,125/- | Rs. 15,000/- |

Life Time Locker Facility

On lump-sum payment of locker rent for ten years entitle the lessee to Avail the locker facility for life time, without key deposit.

ZTBL has successfully launched Western Union money transfer service (home remittance) on 31.12.2011 in two branches i.e. head office branch and Zonal head quarter branch Islamabad. in 2nd phase – the following further six branches have been activated on 16.03.2012 1 | Jhelum | 2 | Chakwal | 3 | Atock | 4 | Gujar Khan | 5 | Mirpur AK | 6 | Kotli AK |

In 3rd phase the following 100 branches have been planned for activation up to December, 2012. Through these arrangements maximum farmer’s community would be benefiting from home remittances launched by ZTBL in collaboration with Western Union.

S.No. | Branch Name | S.No. | Branch Name | 1 | Rawalpindi | 51 | Daska | 2 | Kahuta | 52 | Narowal | 3 | Fateh Jang | 53 | Muzaffargarh | 4 | Talagang | 54 | Leiah | 5 | Abbottabad | 55 | Bahawalnagar | 6 | Haripur | 56 | Haroonabad | 7 | Mansehra | 57 | D.G.Khan | 8 | Balakot | 58 | Rajanpur | 9 | Batagram | 59 | R.Y.Khan | 10 | Muzaffarabad | 60 | Sadiqabad | 11 | Rawalakot | 61 | Peshawar | 12 | Bhimber | 62 | Nowshera | 13 | Jhang | 63 | Charsadda | 14 | Bhakkar | 64 | Mardan | 15 | Shorkot | 65 | Swabi | 16 | Faisalabad | 66 | Kohat | 17 | Jaranwala | 67 | D.I.Khan | 18 | Tandlianwala | 68 | Bannu | 19 | T.T.Singh | 69 | Mianwali | 20 | Kamalia | 70 | Mingora | 21 | Gojra | 71 | Behrain | 22 | M. Branch Lahore | 72 | Sukkur | 23 | Lahore Cantt | 73 | Pano Aqil | 24 | Chung | 74 | Dharki | 25 | Kasur | 75 | Khairpur | 26 | Pattoki | 76 | Larkana | 27 | Sheikhupura | 77 | Shikarpur | 28 | Nankana Sahib | 78 | Naudero | 29 | Sargodha | 79 | Jaccobabad | 30 | Bhalwal | 80 | Kashmore | 31 | Bhera | 81 | Hyderabad | 32 | Jauhrabad | 82 | Sehwan Sharif | 33 | P. D. Khan | 83 | Badin | 34 | Pindi Bhattian | 84 | Nawabshah | 35 | Sahiwal | 85 | Naushero Feroz | 36 | Pakpattan | 86 | Dadu | 37 | Arifwala | 87 | Mirpurkhas | 38 | Multan | 88 | Umer Kot | 39 | Lodhran | 89 | Sanghar | 40 | Vehari | 90 | M. Br.Karachi | 41 | Khanewal | 91 | Memon Goth | 42 | Mian Channu | 92 | Thatta | 43 | Okara | 93 | Karachi | 44 | Depalpur | 94 | Ibrahim Hyderi | 45 | Bahawalpur | 95 | Fish Harbour | 46 | Gujranwala | 96 | Hab Chowki | 47 | Wazirabad | 97 | Quetta | 48 | Kamoke | 98 | Gilgit-Baltistan | 49 | Gujrat | 99 | Turbat | 50 | Sialkot | 100 | D.M.Jamali |

By June 2014 this service (Insha’Allah) would be available in all ZTBL branches.

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