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Interoperbility Paper

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Interoperability Paper
Nicole Nightingale

Interoperability Paper
The human service organization chosen for this paper is Division of Aging Services. The Division of Aging Services is a branch of the New Jersey Department of Social Services. In this paper the services provided by this program and the populations eligible for these services will be examined. The three models of interoperability will be discussed, how they can be integrated into the Division of Aging Services, the advantages, and disadvantages of each model. Finally, if technology should fail the backup plan will be discussed for each model.
The Division of Aging Services helps pay for services provided to the clients to ensure their safety while remaining in their homes. To be eligible for this program the individual must be 65, disabled, or blind, and in need of assistance to live at home. Disabled children with parents who cannot care for them 24 hours a day because of jobs or other obligations may also be eligible for services. Receiving assistance from The Division of Aging Services is an alternative for those individuals who would prefer to remain in their own homes rather than live in a nursing home or board and care facilities. Depending on the type and amount of care a client needs The Division of Aging Services will determine and pay for a specified number of hours per month.
Applicants and recipients must meet the following eligibility requirements: 1). Must reside in the United States and be a resident of New Jersey, 2). Must have received and eligibility determination for the state of New Jersey, 3). Must live in a home not a facility, 4). Must complete and submit a Health Care form. After these requirements are met a social worker will visit the applicant in his or her home to determine their eligibility and need. The social workers assessment of the types of services and…...

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