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Interpersonal Berhaviour

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Interpersonal behavior







Interpersonal behavior refers to how two or more people with a given context interact with one another it is critically important within any given organization to strengthen relationships between individuals (Rahim and Bonoma 2006, p.77). In the Waki oil company issues of interpersonal relationships have proved to be quiet a big challenge for the organization over the past few years. The management has at various occasions experienced difficulties in trying to come up with better and appropriate solutions to conflicts between and among the employees, as well as those that involve interaction between the managers and the employees. Basically conflict refers to a state of whereby individuals do not agree with another or rather do not share the same ideas as the other. Such situations necessitate that there be a place good and appropriate ways through which the conflict between individuals may be solved promoting fairness with the parties involved having full satisfaction and in support of the resolution reached at regarding the conflict (Blake and Mouton 2002, p. 50).

Within the Waki oil organization there are different department which in a weekly basis need to come together giving reports and sharing issues regarding how the company is progressing. It is within these weekly meeting that managers from different department come into conflict with one another in regards to ideas that each holds. Worse enough the conflict extends out of the meeting discussions to the day to day activities of the company. Such that even the employees themselves see what is happening with their senior staffs. The disunity among them, lack of cohesion, among others individualistic characteristic traits are demonstrated by the managers. The lack of oneness among the...

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