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Interpersonal communication, as defined in our textbook, is “a unique type of communication that involved two individuals interacting via face-to-face or mediated channels.” It seems that where there is communication, inevitably there will be conflict. Television dramas tend to add conflict in their storylines in an effort to make the viewers relate to the characters. In the television series Scandal, interpersonal communication conflicts are numerous. Oddly enough, the characters in this program are all in roles where communication is of immense importance and yet, none of them communicate very well at all. This may, indeed, be one of the main reasons for the success of this show. Watching television characters intertwined in personal conflict somehow make them more real to the audience.
As a longtime fan of the show, choosing one single instance of interpersonal conflict was most difficult. However, I chose a conflict that has been ongoing since the show’s inception. The communication issues between Olivia Pope and Abby Whelan has developed, much in the way that their relationship has evolved. Both characters are strong and powerful women and, as it is with such personas, their communication tends to lack finesse. In episode 4 of the 5th season, aptly entitled “Dog-Whistle Politics,” Olivia and Abby finally have an epiphany with regards to their communication issues. Olivia opts to go public about an extramarital affair she has been having with the President. Abby had questioned Olivia several times about this situation and Olivia lied. Every time she was questioned, Olivia denied having feelings for the President, as well as having an affair. Upon seeing a news interview that Olivia does, during which she confesses the affair, Abby is crushed about the deception. A confrontation in the White House occurs between the two. It was during this exchange

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