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Interprofessional Collaboration

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Interprofessional Collaboration
By: Faith Syders

Healthcare organizations are growing and changing in the recent years. The way healthcare is delivered is changing also. One of the changes that are occurring in healthcare recently is interprofessional collaboration. All of the staff members caring for the patients are starting to use a team approach to the delivery of care. Management is training staff to use interprofessional collaboration model for delivery of care. There are some things to consider when analyzing the interprofessional collaboration model. The teamwork model of interprofessional collaboration has benefits. The staff members, patients, and the overall healthcare organization all benefit from this model. When management is interviewing potential employee’s they are looking for desirable characteristics to add to the teamwork model. Management also uses strategies for working effectively as a team when working with and training team members. At times, there will be ethical considerations that need to be addressed. Also, how will a management team introduce interprofessional collaboration when it is not the current model being utilized currently? The benefits of interprofessional collaboration cross the lines for the staff member, patient and the health care organization. Each group has their own benefits from the teamwork. The pieces of the team bring the benefits together to create a successful teamwork model. Staff members have benefits when all put in the effort the make it a success. The benefits to the interprofessional collaboration for the staff members are effectiveness of their job, job satisfaction, and mentorship. Staff members have more effectiveness to their job when working together, they are able to complete more tasks and complete the tasks well when working together. When the effectiveness of their job...

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