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Interview Skills

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Interview skills
Interviews are designed to find out: * Can you do the job – experience and skills * Will you do the job – motivation * Do you fit in – culture and team
Two main types of question – general and competency
Good opportunity to find out about the organisation your are going for
Types of interview
First interview: telephone interview, CV or Application form based, case study, selection tests
Second interview: 1 to 1 or panel interview Competency based Academic or technical Assessment centre
(Ask what sort of interview to expect!)
General questions * Tell me about yourself * Tell us about your relevant experience * Greates achievement ? experiences ? future goal ?

* Give answers structure – don’t ramble * Your chance to paint your own portrait (relation to job, industry, etc) * Define the context * Be prepared with specific answers (research crucial) comparision based on the job description * Think about what they might ask you or what you have said already
Competency based questions
Use past behaviour indicates future success
Objective way of comparing you to others
Relate to skills and behaviour needed for the role
Interviewers decide beforehand which type of answers score positive points
They look for scenarios
Identify competencies for the job your are seeking (company website, advert, job descriptions)
Compare these against your background
Avoid jargon !!! plan answer good examples !!!!!!!!

Analytical skills, communication, ………………

Tell me about your weaknesses
Why do you want to work here
Compentency ??? underwiling this specific job ? why ?

Star model Situation 10 Task 10 Action 70 Result 10 structure answers
Before interview
Be prepared !!! find out about the organisation and interviewer rehearse your answers to typical questions with examples know your CV inside out. Practicing out loud. Video record you
Practical think no where you are going !!! OK !!!!!!!! Dressed smartly.

First impression Delivery of message is key
BL – Smile ? general face ? eye contact to show you are confident. Open, relax, droit, hands above table.. not to much gesture
V – Monitored.. variety. Tone volument speech. Make it sound intersiting enthousiastic Delivery !!! shake hands, eye contact, present yourself, not weak not strong (handshake)
Body language 50 / voice 40 / words 10 delivery which is really important
Say who you are CLEARLY. Sit nice and straight.
During interviews:
What you say: use examples, be informative – 10 points you want to tell them boast modestly take time over difficult questions – ask for clarification if necessary
How you say it: think about the words you use, talk about I rater than we , register – including appropriate language and vocabularly.
Ok to ask for clarification if don’t understand questions.
Responsibilities describe them (in your experience)
Language and terms of the company match as good you can
Behaviour sit reasonably light, keep hands on show, maintain good eye contact, keep an open posture, minimise things you do when nervous, speak clearly, remember to breathe.
Articulate your thought in a clear way.
What has been your greatest achievement?
Decribe a situation where you have dealth with confrontation (difficult customer
What do you look for in a job
Why did you choose your university and degree subject
Tell me about yourself
Describe a situation in which you led a team
Is a jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit?
Average day
Career path
Opportunity to use fench
What are the company development pland and target over the next 5 years
When am I likely to hear back from you
Do u support study for external qualification

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