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Organizational Behavior
Final Paper

Joseph Chin Chen Zhuan

Business owner of four different pharmacies.
InterviewThe topic selected for the particular interview and final paper is taken from chapter 13 regarding leadership. This subject of this interview is 张笠宸. This interview was conducted in person.
1. Can you introduce yourself please?
Ans: My name is 张笠宸. I am the CEO of 新路药业有限负责任公司. This company was handed down to me by my parents and I currently own four pharmacies, all located in Harbin, China.
2. How would you define a successful leader?
Ans: First and foremost, being a successful leader begins with the leader possessing an appealing vision. Secondly, he must be passionate and persistent about he does. Thirdly, the priority of both his product and service should be solely focused on meeting the needs and benefits of his customers and the public rather than concentrating mainly on the financial profit. Fourthly, he should be sensitive and take into consideration the concerns of his employees as well providing his employees with developmental opportunities. Last but not least, the presentation of himself when around his employees is also a vital characteristic of a successful leadership. It could be demonstrated in several ways such as in his outward appearance, knowledge, thoughts, and beliefs. These can all be interpreted as how he presents himself.
3. How do you influence or motivate your employees?
Ans: Primarily, I will first fulfill the tasks that were required of me, as a leader to accomplish; I should meet these tasks with positivity, vigorousness, and optimism. I should be known as being responsible. As a leader, it is vital to constantly encourage your employees, giving them the freedom of space to progress, improve, and develop. Also, rewarding the employees with remuneration, wages, and salary are effective ways of motivating employees…...

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