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Interviewing a Friend

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Humans are complex and intricate beings. They think, behave and look different. They are different in their personalities and attitudes; and their way of thinking and behaving also differ. I have found in my experience that the best way to know others is to interact and to socialize. My life has been filled with lots of people with whom I have interacted and who have taught me a valuable lesson. When thinking of people that I have come across in my life, I thought of interviewing one of my classmates from English class.
I got an opportunity to interview my classmate Mr. Nabaraj Kandel. He is 19 years old. He is a very hardworking individualist who was born in a small village called Gulmi but was raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nabaraj spent most of his teenage times in Kathmandu. From his childhood only, he was a determined person; always working hard to achieve what he wanted. His family environment is sound. His father is engaged in an International project (forestry) and his mother is a housewife. He has two elder sisters. One of his sisters is studying Nursing while the other one is doing her Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA). When he was living with his parents he got a good learning atmosphere in his house. He feels his parents were supportive towards his work. He has seen his parents make a lot of compromises for him and therefore, he respects them a lot and considers them his source of inspiration. Now, he’s an undergraduate freshman majoring in Business Management. He came to United States in 2011 fall. According to him, his main reason for coming to US is to get an undergraduate degree, experience a new different style of education environment and later work in a prestigious business company either in Germany or back in Nepal.
Knowing about him and his thoughts gave me an opportunity to know something about myself and my life. Since, I myself am from...

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