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Interviewing a Manager - Mintzerg and Other Theories


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This essay begins with a brief description of the Manager interviewed and his work. Thereafter, the utilisation of Mintzbergs Management Roles (in particular, Interpersonal Roles) by the Manager will be discussed. Analysis of the relevance of the Organisational Behaviour Approach will then be done using Maslows Hierearchy of Needs Theory and McGregors Theory X and Y, linked to Katz’s Management Skills.
The essay concludes that the Manager makes use of Mintzbergs Interpersonal Roles AND Katz’z Management Skills in his work – with greater use of the Leader Role and Human Skills respectively.
This evaluation of the management theories in relation to the manager’s work is supported and analyzed using texts from academic books and journals.

A Manager is a person ‘responsible for working with and through others to achieve objectives by influencing people and systems in a changing environment’ (Bloisi, Cook and Hunsaker, 2003, p.50).
The Manager interviewed in this study, Mr. R, is a Middle Manager (Manager - Student Community Services) of a private Australian-based Multinational Organization (Monash University Sunway Campus) in the Service sector. The Organisation currently employs over 100 people and was founded in 1998.
Mr. R plays a significant role in the Administrative department and he finds the job enjoyable and challenging.
Manager R is responsible for managing all important aspects of the Student Community at Monash University. Mr. R has to fulfil many duties such as: attending to student’s problems and queries; ensuring that students are not breaking any rules of the University Guideline; informing students and the administration of any new developments; maintaining the student database; checking the Campus Organisational Plan and Planning Matrix and other such important work.

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