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Interviewing a Manager

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Maria E. DiPietro Lamb Director, Program Improvement and Family Support Branch Maryland State Department of Education

Tierra Sharonne Poole BMGT 364 Project 2 – Interviewing a Manager

For this assignment I was able to interview Maria E. DiPietro Lamb. Her current position is that of the Director of the Program Improvement and Family Support Branch in the Division of Student, Family, and School Support at the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Her position places her over ten different education programs within the Department, including Title I, Part A, Even Start, Federal School Improvement Grants, Alternative Governance Programs, Supplemental Educational Services, Family Involvement, Services to Migrant Children, Homeless Programs, Neglected and Delinquent Programs, and Equitable Services to Private Schools in Maryland. Maria is also my current Supervisor. I am an Office Secretary for the Supplemental Educational Services Program and the Family Involvement Program. There is also a Coordinator for each program and several Education Specialists, all of who are supervised by Maria. Maria came to MSDE in 2005 as a loaned educator from Dorchester County Public Schools in Maryland and served as a Family Involvement Specialist in the Program Improvement and Family Support Branch. While in Dorchester County, Maria served as the assistant principal of Sandy Hill Elementary School, Elementary School Facilitator, Supervisor of Federal Programs and Technology, and Supervisor of Instructional Grants. Maria began her career in the Kent County Public School System and served as a classroom teacher for nine years and a county-wide helping teacher for three years. Maria was voted 1994-1995 Kent County Teacher of the Year. Maria earner her undergraduate degree at Towson University and...

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