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Interviwing... No Brainer

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“Interviewing… No Brainer”

A job interview is such an important event. The goal at the end is to get the job. But to get the job, there should be certain steps that should be taken. The first step is preparation. This area consists of having a resume and cover letter to give out to the interviewer. You should also be relaxed. To make this easier, think of the interviewer as just another person. The interviewer may not even know who they are looking for, what they are doing, and might not be prepared. In this case, be relaxed and know that you are not alone in this situation. Furthermore, you should know that there are different kinds of interviews. They are called telephone interview, preminary interview, panel, sequential interview, meal time, and skill case. No matter which one you get, make sure you are informed about each and know how to carry yourself correctly. For example, if you are at the meal time interview, you should never order alcohol or messy food. Moreover, during preparation of the interview, do your homework, know what to expect, and practice. Find out about the company you are trying to get into so you have some prior knowledge before getting in. this can help along with the small talks you might have with the interviewer. This can be very helpful and also give you a sense of what to expect. With this in mind, you should practice with a friend. Remember, practice makes perfect. This basically sums up what you should do before an interview.
On the day of the interview, you should have the appearance aspect on lock down and logistics. Keep in mind that first impression makes a big difference. In this case, dress to impress. You should be clean, wrinkle free, and looking good. If the interviewer is in casual wear, you should still dress professionally. You are representing yourself and want to make sure people at least approve of your attire....

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Interviwing ...No Brainer

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