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Intimate Partner Violence

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Preventing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
• Prevention is a process that promotes safe, healthy environments and behaviors that reduce the likelihood or frequency of an accident, injury, or condition occurring.
• As evidenced by other health-related conditions, primary prevention (taking action before a problem arises) can successfully reduce or eliminate intimate partner violence.
• Health care professionals are in a ideal position to use their influence and credibility to help prevent IPV o They can advocate for change in clinical practice, as well as for policies and procedures. o Because health care providers see IPV firsthand, they are particularly effective when speaking about the issue to legislators, the media, and to the public.
(Cohen, et al., 2006, p. 89)
Primary Prevention
• Effective primary preventions will reduce the emotional, physical, and psychological trauma experienced as a result of IPV (Cohen, et al., 2005, p. 92).
• Even when partners and spouses have been brought up in violent home with abusive families, they can learn to rechannel and control their emotions and behaviors and use appropriate coping strategies.
• Opportunities for families and individuals to improve relationships with their partner or spouse usually begin with learning appropriate problem-solving skills.
• Assertiveness skills for women provide a foundation for empowerment.
• Parenting influences children in their coping strategies, decision making, and sense of self-confidence. o Parenting classes are an important tool in assisting parents, especially those who are at high risk, such as teens, people with no exposure to children while growing up, and those who were raised in violent and abusive families.
• Community health nurses often make home visits to families based on referrals from hospital perinatal departments.
(Allender, et al., 2010, p....

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