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The novel ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ written by J.C Burke and the film ‘Stand by me’ written by Rob Reiner. These texts present the fact that relationships with people assist one’s journey of going into the World, people deal with obstacles differently and maturity brings great rewards. J.C.Burke uses descriptive language, dialogue, metaphors and idiomatic first person narration.

The novel ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ written by J.C Burke and the film ‘Stand by me’ written by Rob Reiner. These texts present the fact that relationships with people assist one’s journey of going into the World, people deal with obstacles differently and maturity brings great rewards. J.C.Burke uses descriptive language, dialogue, metaphors and idiomatic first person narration.

Going into the World can be a difficult and a daunting time which everyone can find hard to overcome. Going into the world can be defined as growing up when you may or may not be ready. Individuals venturing into the world will experience obstacles but with maturity and relationships the individual can gain significant rewards. This is clearly shown in the two following texts.
Going into the World can be a difficult and a daunting time which everyone can find hard to overcome. Going into the world can be defined as growing up when you may or may not be ready. Individuals venturing into the world will experience obstacles but with maturity and relationships the individual can gain significant rewards. This is clearly shown in the two following texts.

Going into the World is unavoidable and must be done at some stage in a life. It can be difficult and everyone deals with it differently. ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ written by J.C Burke and the film ‘Stand by me’ written by Rob Reiner all show that relationships with people assist one’s journey of going into the World, people deal with obstacles differently and...

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