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Michael John P. Sabalboro
Organizational Behavior
Case Study: T-Mobile – Intensifying the Learning Gain
T-Mobile, US, is a part of T-Mobile international, one of the top three global wireless carriers and a proud subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. ‘In a world full of busy and fragmented lives…wireless communication can help’. This is what T-Mobile believes. With its headquarters at Bellevue, Washington, T-Mobile reaches 268 million Americans, with the support of a 29,000 strong workforce. In the year 2006, T-Mobile introduced Smart phones with solutions and received the highest ranking in wireless customer care by J.D. Power and Associates. They continued to receive such high ranking in wireless customer care for several consecutive years. With the back up of learning organizations, principles, and practices, T-Mobile is truly emerging as a world-class wireless communication organization for others to emulate.
T-Mobile’s customer service division is a compelling place to work in. People enjoy their work and get continuous opportunities to learn and develop. The focus on customer services at T-mobile is not just limited to sharing information, but also to adding value for customers through knowledge acquisition. Their philosophy is to support the learning of their employees not just by training and development programmes, but also by creating a mutually supportive happy work environment.
T-Mobile’s customer contact centers are standardized and have cyber café and free Internet service availability to all staff members, learning development centres, relaxation and recreation rooms with table-top football, play stations, vending machines, air conditioning, vibrant color schemes, space age design, ample room for each employee, and a subsidized cafe/restaurant. T-Mobile encourages its staff members to make use of both the learning development centers and the…...