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Project Proposal
Project proposals require knowledge of project management to understand various systems that make a project successful. The following project is aimed at examining the need for an intranet site and processes that implement the project into an organization. The objective is to design an intranet site that will make better use of existing resources within the company. We will provide background information and project stakeholders of the firm. An assessment of project goals, time, and budget constraints is in the report. The project performance and scope will list criterias for the project and define various exceptions for the proposal. We will also provide a summary of the beneficial advantage that the company will endure once the project is complete.
Background and project proposal The Target Corporation is a retail company widely recognized for its Bullseye symbol. Target began business in the 1900s and continues to expand in the United States with corporate offices, stores, and distribution centers in various cities (Target locations, 2011). To ensure that employees, affiliates, and partners have access to current business information, a project management team will propose an intranet site that will benefit the organization and provides a unified forum. The intranet site will promote corporate culture because everyone will be able to view the same information within the intranet. Employees will benefit from this project by attaining information about recruiting events and business opportunities. Kerzner (2006) says that “Now, project management is being promoted by marketing, engineering, and production, rather than only by the project-driven departments” (p. 48). Management can link information through a distributed computing structure where employees can obtain relevant information at their convenience. Kerzner (2006) also...

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