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Intro. African American Studies

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Exam 1: Introduction to Africana Studies

Short Answer Questions: Be sure to respond to the ENTIRE question, since each question has two parts. (4 points each/100 points total)

1) Why would you say that some see Africa as a country? How would you describe the size of Africa in relation to the size of the United States?

2) The view of Africa as a jungle is erroneous, since a jungle or forested area is not one of the continent’s major environmental features. Name two that are.

3) Africa can be discussed from either an Afrocentric perspective or a Eurocentric perspective. Give two examples of the way Africa is portrayed that support a Eurocentric perspective.

4) Turning to an Afrocentric perspective, name the African scholar honored for exerting the greatest influence on Black thought in the 20th century at the Black World Festival of Arts and Culture in Senegal, West Africa. Name the African American scholar honored for the same reason.

5) Name the Origin of Humankind theory that Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop said was so rigorously defended until science cast it aside. What reason did he cite for its rigorous defense?

6) From “Journey of Man,” name the reason humankind took so long to populate Europe. How many years did it take?

7) What delayed the American geneticist’s travel into Central Asia? Why was getting to that destination so important to him?

8) Name the word that the Navajo man took issue with the geneticist using when relating his stories of origin. What was the reason for his criticism?

9) Name the great African leader responsible for turning Ancient Mali into an empire. Who is known for his gold-laden pilgrimage from Africa to the holy city of Mecca?

10) Who started the Department of Negro History and African Studies at Straight University in the 1920’s? What is the current name of...

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