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Jessica Riddle
Hi my name is Jessica Riddle. I’m from Medway, Ohio which is a small town where everybody knows everyone. Trust me, I am so glad to have gotten away from that. My Mom has been raising me by herself since I was 12 due to the fact that my Dad passed away in 2007 because of liver cancer. I have two siblings, my sister, Anna, who is 23 and my brother, TJ, who is 24. I don’t talk to them though because they are weird and we don’t get along.

My high school life was tough, and it’s something I never want to experience again. The high school I attended was a career technical school in Springfield, Ohio. We ran a restaurant there for lunch service Tuesday-Friday. Also, we competed in state and national competitions for culinary and baking and pastry. While attending high school, I also worked at The Golden Jersey Inn at Youngs Dairy as a prep/catering cook.
During the fall, I plan to intern at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. Then after I get my associates degree here, I plan to get my bachelors at CIA in New York for food science. I would like to someday work at Alinea or The French Laundry. I’m really inspired by Grant Achatz and Thomas Keller.

I feel as though if I didn’t attend Springfield Clark Career Technology Center, I probably would have never came to Johnson and Wales. I have my instructors from there to thank for that, Chef Hay and Chef Scott. Coming to Charlotte has opened so many opportunities that I didn’t think were imaginable in Ohio. Leaving high school and starting college early made it so much easier for me to get away from what I had to experience in high school.

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