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Team Leader Position at a World Class Financial Services Institution
Contract: Full Time
Salary: $90 000 + OTE- negotiable for the right candidate
We are Regibank, a leading Financial Services Institution located throughout the world, with business interests focused on the Asia-Pacific Region. Our mission is to provide sound financial advice to customers and deliver 6 star services in the process. Our primary business locations are China, Singapore; New Zealand; Hong Kong; Philippines; Malaysia; India; Indonesia; South Korea; Thailand; Taiwan; Australia.

As a Team Leader, you will be responsible for indoctrinating a culture based on respect and care for our valued customers whilst providing supervision and clear management to a team of 50 staff. You will report to the President of Asia-Pacific region, via your area manager.
You will also oversee the development and implementation of business objectives and strategies on a local and regional level designed to provide meaningful choice and support to service users. The strategy will be geared towards customer retention
We are looking for people who will instil a culture of continuous improvement, who can deliver service excellence and have a “can do” attitude. You should have excellent decision making skills and lead from the front, uniting the business as a whole.
To be successful in this role, please address each selection criteria point listed below separately and include your responses to each point in the same document as your Resume.
• Demonstrate experience in managing and developing staff
• Display outstanding leadership abilities
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Tertiary qualified (include copy of Academic transcript)
• Minimum of 5 years’ management experience within the Financial Services sector
Regibank prides itself on staff job satisfaction and there is a range of

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