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Intro to Project Management

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PM3110 Tuesday PM
Project Deliverable 6

Initiation In this phase, I came up with the idea of returning to school to earn my Bachelor’s Degree. My input will be hard work and studies, and the desired result is obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree.

Planning I had to first decide where to go back to school. I decided on ITT tech since that is where I earned my Associate’s Degree. I also had to work out my work schedule to make sure that any conflicts could be kept to a minimum. I had to plan and budget to make sure that I could afford the increased cost associated with returning to school. Money isn’t the only sacrifice I would have to make if I returned to school. I would also have to give up a lot of my free time because I would have to go to classes 3 nights a week. Homework assignments will also consume a lot of my free time.

Execution Once I decided on a course of action, I visited the campus and applied to the Bachelor’s program and filled out the required paperwork to enroll. Next, I had to go to the financial aid office and apply for aid. Once those hurdles were cleared, I waited for the quarter to start, and pick up my books and attend my first classes. The process of picking up books and attending classes and doing the required coursework will be repeated each quarter until I graduate.
This project will terminate when I have completed all required classes and graduate and get my Bachelor’s…...

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