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Intro to Biology lab
The Scientific Method

1) What is the problem you are trying to solve?
Whether light or dark colors would be more comfortable to wear on a hot, sunny day?

2) What is the prediction you want to test?
Light colors are more comfortable to wear on a hot, sunny day?

3) How will you use the computer model to test your hypothesis? What steps will you follow? What data will you record?
I will plug the jackets up to the 60 watts and test its temperature. The steps I will take is comparing the light and dark colors of the same material. The date I will record is who had the hottest temperatures and the dark colors had the hottest.

4) Analyze the results of your experiments.
With the data I receive it is obvious dark colors observe the most heat.

5) Draw a conclusion. Did the results of your experiment support your hypothesis? Why or why not?
My conclusion is it is more comfortable to wear lights colors than dark colors on a sunny day. Yes my results supported my hypothesis because I predicted it would be hotter with dark colors and the hotter you are on a sunny day, the more uncomfortable you are.

6) How does the material of the jacket affect the heat absorption?
A material's color affects its ability to absorb light. An object of a certain color reflects that same color but absorbs light from all the other colors. Since light is energy, the more light that an object absorbs, the more heat it absorbs.

7) Describe thee strength and weaknesses of the computer model you used in the experiment. What other parameters could you use in such an experiment to determine the effect of color on heat absorption?
The strength was the plugging the jackets to the 60 watt and letting me know what colors absorbed the most heat. There wasn’t a weakness. Try using thermometer strips sold at pet stores (to stick on the insides of reptile cages to monitor temperature). Also try some materials with different reflective surfaces too (foil; shiny black vs. rough-surfaced black for example).

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