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Intro to Networking U5L1

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A user boots his or her computer and hears a sequence of six beeps The computer uses AMI BIOS. What error is indicated by the six beeps?

Using AMI BIOS six beeps means that there has been failure with the 8042 Gate a20 test. The cause is normally a failed expansion card or motherboard that no longer runs properly.

A different user with a computer using Phoenix BIOS hears a sequence of beeps with pauses in between. the sequence is beep - pause - beep beep beep - pause - beep beep beep beep - beep beep beep. What error is indicated by this beep sequence?

This kind of beep pattern indicates an issue with memory, The most common answer for this problem is merely replacing the RAM cartridges in your pc

Firewalls may be hardware devices or software programs. Hardware firewalls protect an entire network. Software firewalls protect a single computer. Research the Internet for an example of each of these types of firewalls and compare their features.

Hardware Firewalls -

Hardware Firewalls can be found as a standalone product but can also be found in broadband routers. Hardware Firewalls use packet filtering to examine the header of a packet and determine its source and destination. This information can be compared to a pre-defined list of rules to determine whether or not the packet will be dropped.

Software Firewalls -

Software firewalls are fairly popular and common with household users, because they can be downloaded and installed freely and are easily customized. Software firewalls protect the user from outside attempts to gain access to or control their computer, or in some cases trojans and e-mail worms. The downside to this kind of firewall is that they only protect the computer that they are actually installed on, so each computer on a network will have to have a separate software firewall installed to protect the entire…...

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