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Intro to Programming Pizza Pi Iii Pseudo Code

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* Declarations * Constants are needed for * The minimum size a user can enter * 12 * The maximum size a user can enter * 36 * The # of slices in a small pizza * 8 * The # of slices in a medium pizza * 12 * The # of slices in a large pizza * 16 * The # of slices in an extra-large pizza * 24 * Variables are needed for * A Boolean for whether or not the program should exit, set to false by default * A Boolean for whether or not the input passed validation, set to false by default * A String for what the user inputs * An Integer for what the pizza’s diameter is, assuming it passes validation * Input * Ask the user for input and then read it * If the user input is the number 0, the exit variable is set to true and the loop is broken * Check if the input is valid, to be valid it must meet these parameters * Input must be above the number 12 * Input must be below the number 36 * Input must be a number * If the input is not between 12 and 36, tell the user and loop back to the initial prompt * If the input is not between a number, tell the user and loop back to the initial prompt * If validation is passed, the validation variable is set to true and the loop is ended * Processing and Output * If the validation variable is true and the exit variable is false determine the number of pizza slices * Diameters of 12” up to and including 20” can only be cut in eight slices. * Diameters larger than 20” up to and including 24” can be cut into a maximum of 12 slices. * Diameters larger than 24” up to and including 30” can be cut into a maximum of 16 slices. * Diameters larger than 30” can be cut into a maximum of 24 slices * When the number of slices are outputted, the program loops back to the start * If validation is false and the exit variable is true, the primary loop ends and the program exits

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