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Introducing Bateel to South Korea

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Now we have a world –class brand in the premium segment of confectionary industry, “Bateel”. They open up their business with a simple concept; offer a unique range of high end products to a well defined market segment in an upscale and elegant retail environment. The concept they choose was unique and the service &product they offer was not available from any other source. Their strong presence to the consumers in the various targeted market segment is based on their strategy and ability to consistently develop and well planned, functioning production schedule, maintaining high quality on the products they produce, motivating merchandise and strong distribution system.
Café Bateel is an exciting new concept in casual dining. Offering a unique and innovative range of gourmet foods and beverages, the Café Bateel menu combines an Italian-Umbrian culinary heritage and a rich tradition of Arabian hospitality. The result is a mouthwatering selection of delicious, wholesome food and beverages served in a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.
The first Café Bateel opened in 2007. Today, Café Bateel can be found in several of the city's most prestigious locations.
The success behind the bateel is the combined output of various functioning areas like starting from farming, processing manufacturing and premium retailing function and strong marketing organisation. And now they are the pioneer in the production and distribution of a complete range of high quality dates and date, non-date gourmet confectionaries. They have their head quarter at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with regional office in Dubai ,UAE and with workforce of over 300.

The four main product lines that are produced by the company and they are: 1. Dates

Bateel offers more than 20 varieties of high quality premium dates including sokari,Naboot Seif, Kholas,Sekki and khidri. Among these most of...

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