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It is undeniable that the computer has become an essential gadget for daily lives of every human being. The Internet is an absolute necessity for both adults and children. It is impossible to believe to do anything without the Internet, especially from the youth’s perspective. Youths today spend too much time on the computer, surfing the Internet for hours. Some have become much too addicted and don’t realize that they actually suffer from Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). Let’s have a look at how computers directly have effects upon youths nowadays.

One of the main consequences of spending too much time on the computer that youths are likely to disregard is personal neglect. When one is too obsessed with surfing the Internet, they tend to pay no attention to their standard of living apart from the computer which they are using. Some may not take bath, clean their room, or eat well as they are much too focused on what they are doing virtually. Because of the long hours spent engaged with a computer, youths often have eating irregularities, such as skipping meals or overeating. This indirectly leads to health disorders, for instance, malnutrition of the youth’s body.

Isolation, avoidance and no family bonding at all is another outcome which happens in a youth’s life when they get excessively addicted with the Internet. Because of spending too much time on the computer, youths have a propensity to reduce socializing with others. They tend to feel that computer is the only form of relationship that they have the time to focus on. They have a tendency to lose the desire for human contact and communication and in a way they are breaking away from reality. Within the lives of youths who are addicted with computers, it is their family and friends that suffer the most from this kind of isolation.

The ultimate effect that computer has on youth’s who are addict to them is academic deterioration. Since youth’s usually occupy most of their time with the computer and Internet, they tend to not focus much on their studies at all. This indirectly leads to awful grades in exams and a bad perception from the teacher and parents. For this reason, the youth’s teacher and parents will scold and punish them in one way or another for flunking an exam. And when this happens, the youth’s tend to feel depressed psychologically. Sometimes, they get miserable when they are grounded or not allowed to use the computer in any way by their parents.

In conclusion, computer obsession will only increase as time passes as it is now the era of computers. More and more people all over the world will experience the health disorder, social and emotional effects due to computer addiction. These problems should not be left untreated as it can bring serious harms to the youth’s that are addicted with the computer and will have a bad effect in their future. In my opinion, youth’s can spend time on computer surfing the Internet but not excessively.

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Effect of Computer Addiction in Academic Perfomance. Because of daily live activites students

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