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Introduction to Physical Science – Sci110

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Introduction to Physical Science – SCI110
Assignment #2
Week 4
Melissa Garrett

Assignment #2: Paper Due Week Four:
In a documented essay of 900 - 1200 words please address the following issues, in your own words: * How does the study of heat relate to the kinetic theory of matter? * What is heat? * What is temperature? * What is the relationship between heat and temperature? * How are they different? * What are the various properties of a substance that determine its heat capacity? * What are the various sources of heat?

Conclusions about the structure of matter have been developed by physicists and chemists over the past 150 years. To understand it further let us look at the structure and the processes that occur to determine the state in which it exits.
Matter typically exists in 3 common states or phases: solids, liquids, and gases. It is made up of molecules. “A molecule is the smallest particle of a compound or a gaseous element that can exist and still retain the characteristic properties of that substance” (Tillery, B., Enger, E., Ross, F., Integrated Science 2009 Custom Edition, p.98). According to the Kinetic theory of matter, these molecules are in constant, random motion. Through the force of cohesion, molecules interact and attract each other. In the case of solids, which have a definite shape and volume, the molecules vibrate “in a fixed equilibrium position with strong cohesive forces” (Tillery, B., Enger, E., Ross, F., Integrated Science 2009 Custom Edition, p.98). The cohesive forces of liquids are strong enough to give it a specific volume, but not a definite shape. Gas molecules are far apart, move randomly and freely, and have weak cohesive forces.
This molecular motion is affected by temperature and determines the state, or phase, of matter as well as its kinetic energy. Molecular motion for...

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