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Introduction To Research Methodology

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Research methodology is perhaps the most significant aspect of a research study (Blessing & Chakrabarti 2009). It is with the aid of research methodology the course of the research is determined. In other words as stated by (S. R. Brown 1996), the research methodology is the very skeletal structure of the research study. Methodology according to many researchers is considered to be the deciding factor behind the success and effectiveness of the research study (Kitzinger 1994). This is mainly because of the fact, it is based on the very method of data collection and data analysis outcomes of the research study get determined (Davison 1998). The methodology also helps to decide the process of data collection
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First of all, any correct response to the question was scored as one mark. Similarly, a score of one was awarded for any correct response to the question. Thirdly, respondents were asked to indicate “Yes”, “No”, “Don’t know” or “No Response” to the statements about HIV/AIDS. Each correct response was scored as one mark, while a wrong and a “Don’t know” response were scored as zero. The scoring was assessed and then the respondent’s knowledge towards AIDS was measured through this.
In data collection, both quantitative and qualitative data were sought for the research. The quantitative data was obtained through questionnaire. The questionnaires were mostly precoded and consisted of seventy-nine items divided into four sections. These were sociodemographic background, awareness of HIV/AIDS, risk perceptions of HIV/AIDS and educational intervention on AIDS.
The data analysis was made to answer such key questions as:
1. Why are these date collected, and what are the answers the study is trying to
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In the study, a combination of all the above methods of validity is used. Since, the study consists of both qualitative and quantitative data analysis, the validity methods that are especially given emphasis is the comparative and predictive validity for the quantitative research study while for the qualitative research study is the subjective content validity. Verifying data in this study took two forms: one was the qualitative verification and the other was the quantitative data accuracy verification.
Qualitative data accuracy verification was done by mainly cross-checking this research against previous research. This was a tedious process, but it makes this research more accurate and valuable. It was broadly based on estimates and conclusions formed by previous writers, and identify research gap, and formed a particular insight. Proofreading was done after the research was over in order to examine the text carefully and correct typographical errors, mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. After proof reading, the paper was given for peer review, the cornerstone of the academic world. Some scholars and colleagues were given this thesis for analysis for beneficial improvement.

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