Inventory Proposal Part Two of Three

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Inventory Proposal Part Two of Three
Team A
QRB 501
March 07, 2012
Terrance Feravich

The research discussion is toward the data collection, which converts times series data for McDonald’s Fast Food Restaurant inventory analysis and University of Phoenix summer seasonal index. The raw data represents inventory data over a four year time. In this assignment the B team will illustrate statistical information, discuss the inventory systems and problems, explain the problem this team is addressing, and show a table on how the data has been converted into dices. Below are the inventory indexes from the previous assignment in week two.
McDonald’s Inventory Analysis by Ratio Index
|Year |2000 |2001 |2002 |2003 |
|Liquidity Analysis | | | | |
|Current Ratio |0.70 |0.81 |0.71 |0.76 |
|Quick asset ratio |0.66 |0.76 |0.66 |0.71 |
|Accounts receivable turnover |17.88 |16.86 |18.01 |23.34 |
|Days supply of receivables |20.41 |21.65 |20.26 |15.64 |
|Inventory turnover |35.82 |36.04 |35.07 |33.34 |
|Days supply of inventory |10.19 |10.13 |10.41 |10.95 |
|Working capital turnover…...

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