Investigating a Social Issue

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Investigating a Social Issue
Brandy West
Professor Fass
SOC100: Introduction to Sociology
December 7, 2012

For this assignment I chose to investigate the issue of poverty and how it affects young children. In the dictionary poverty is defined as the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor. According to our textbook, there is relative or absolute poverty. Relative poverty means the some people lack resources that are taken for granted by others. This type of poverty exists in every society. Absolute poverty is a lack of resources that is life threatening. (Macionis, 307) The issue of poverty falls into the sociological term, global stratification, patterns of social inequality in the world as a whole. (Macionis, 300).
The article that I have chosen is “The Effects of Poverty on Children” written by Jeanne Brooks-Gunn and Greg Duncan. They go into detail about how family poverty is associated with a child’s health, achievement, and behavior. It is said that death comes early in poor societies because families lack the income to provide adequate food, safe water, secure housing, etc. (Macionis, 309) When a child lives in poverty it can affect them in many different ways. According to a table produced by Gunn & Duncan poor children suffer higher incidences of adverse health, developmental, other outcomes than non-poor children. (Gunn & Duncan, 58) I believe that sometimes when children grow up poor they think that they can never succeed because they didn’t grow up with the necessities and it made them feel less than those who did have those things.
After years of research it is known that family income can substantially influence child and adolescent well-being. (Gunn & Duncan, 67) They go on to state the timing of poverty is also an important factor. A small number of studies show that…...