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Investigating Business Resources P1

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Buildings and Facilities - The business I am focusing on is Tesco in Chepstow. It is a superstore and consists of one building for the actual store and one building for the petrol station. The large car park has disabled parking and mother and baby parking closer to the doors so there is accessibility for everyone. Also there is recycling bins at the bottom of the car park. Inside the superstore there is a grocery collection point, direct collection point, clothing collection point, direct order point, general facilities, food ranges and enabling facilities. Also inside the store is a Timpson Ltd kiosk which has a dry cleaners, shoes repairs, phone repairs and key cutting available. The building of Tesco in Chepstow promotes exactly what it need to; it has a very basic design and is very simple. On the front of the building it had a huge sign saying Tesco and they’re slogan “every little helps”.
Materials and Waste – one of the main things Tesco have to consider is their storage. They sell hundreds of different products and being able to store them is very important as if they cannot store all of their products, when they run out of stock they would have to wait while for new stock. They must have the facilities to store foods, drinks and other products that aren’t food related. As Tesco use electronic tills and self service electronic tills, they will have computers for programming. Also as they have offices to keep everything in order for the business to keep running; they will have materials such as pens, paper, computers and telephones. Also as they have a petrol station; they have fuel and oils. They would also have oil and electricity to keep fridges going and also heating for the offices. With their waste, they would recycle as much as they can and would have to pay for people to take it away.
Plant and Machinery – Tesco employ other people to make their...

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