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Investigating a Social Issue - Social Mobility

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Describe how society defines the social issue.
So, what is Social Mobility? First, let’s go to its technical or dictionary definition. Social mobility is the movement of people from one social class or economic level to another (“Social Mobility”, Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2nd Edition). This term is widely used both in Sociology and Economics. It usually refers to vertical movement or moving up or down in rank. For example, if a soldier becomes a sergeant from a corporal, that would be vertical movement. However, it may also refer to horizontal movement or moving from one rank to another of the same social level. Example of this would be a principal who resigns from one school to become the principal of another school.
With this definition in mind, we can see that Social Mobility is “movement”. The technical definition doesn’t restrict about the direction – whether you move up or down or just within what’s mentioned before as horizontal movement. Social Mobility is a term used in the objective comparison of economic or social states. Looking at the events around us, we can see that people care more about upward movement. When people talk about Social Mobility, they are likely referring to progress or development. Everyone wants to move up. Like what we commonly see in families. Almost everyone gives importance to good education. Parents keep reminding their children to be good in their studies so they can have good jobs. People want the opportunity to move up. People believe that progress is something that should be given in equal opportunities to us. People want to go up, as a group or as individuals. This is the reason why studies concerning Social Mobility stem to studies of inequality (Breen & Jonsson, 2005).
As I see it, the society mostly measures the social class that one belongs to in financial terms. Social classification all boils down through...

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