Investigation of Action of Saliva and Hydrochloric Acid in Two Carbohydrate Solutions

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1. Advance Room Booking will be held as per the dates below.
Same Room Booking – Female and Male
Date | 23 - 26 June 2014 (Monday to Thursday) |
Time | 8.30 am to 5.30 pm |
Venue | Accommodation Office – (ACO) - Einstein Ground Floor |
Residents are required to come to ACO to secure their rooms for the following semester during the Advance Room Booking period. Invoice collection will be from 30 June 2014 onwards at ACO. If you fail to do so during this time period your room will not be available for the following semester.
If your roommate is graduating and or leaving the Halls of Residence you will need to find a new roommate. Please update ACO as soon as possible with the new roommate’s name. If you are unable to find a new roommate you will be required to fully check out from the room and ACO will reassign you to another room. When a room is totally empty the university is able to conduct preventive maintenance. There is storage space available. Boxes will be provided by ACO and you will need to return them 3 days after you check in.
2. Changing Room Policy
Residents who wish to change rooms will only be considered on a ‘Case by Case Basis’ and ‘Subject to Room Availability’. Residents need to book back their same room during the Advance Room Booking period and to drop by ACO to complete an Appeal Form and submit it with a supporting letter from 1 - 2 July 2014. Only fully completed Appeal Forms with valid reasons will be considered. No appeal for change of rooms will be allowed after 2 July 2014.
Residents can check the result of their appeal at ACO on 8 July 2014.
3. Due Date for Rental Payment
Payments for the rooms are due on or before 23 July 2014. This is to ensure that you secure the room for the following semester.
4. Room Cancellation Policy
There will be no refund of amounts paid if notice of cancellation is given to ACO once…...