Investigation of Action of Saliva and 3 M Hydrochloric Acid in Two Carbohydrate Solutions

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Title: To investigate the trajectory of a small ball as it rolls off a surface which is inclined to the horizontal.

Objectives: To investigate the trajectory of a two dimensional motion.

Apparatus and materials: Ramp, wooden block, pendulum bob, plumb line, steel ball, wooden board, carbon paper, meter ruler, plasticine.

Setup: 1. A ramp was set up at the edge of a bench.

2. A plum-line is suspended from the edge of the bench.
3. A wooden board is mounted horizontally using two clamps so that the board is situated
about the bottom of the ramp.

4. A sheet of blank paper is placed on top of the board.

5. A piece of carbon paper is placed on the top of the blank paper. The ink-side of the
carbon paper is facing down.

6. When a ball was released from the top of the ramp, the ball travelled through a

g= 9.80ms-2
u= speed of the ball as it leaves the ramp
k= constant
y= vertical distance (between the bottom of the ramp and the top of the board)
x= horizontal distance (between the plum-line and mark on the paper)

The equation which relates x and y is


Procedure :
1. The ball was positioned at the top of the ramp. The ball was released so that it rolls down the ramp and onto the board below.

2. The carbon paper was removed and observation was done that the ball makes a small mark on the blank paper.

3. The vertical distance y and the horizontal distance x was measured and recorded.

4. The value of y was reduced and the steps above was repeated to obtain seven (7) sets of values x and y.

5. y, x, and y/x was tabulated.

6. A…...